Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Hmm...sort of gives you an idea of my mood today.  Anyway, I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth.  I've been doing most of my updates in Cab's Creations because for one thing I'm just way too lazy to keep up with two journals.  I sort of felt bad, though, because I keep getting some comments in this one.  Despite the tag, I'm actually ok.  I'm in a "pissed in the wind" type of mood (pardon my French).  Can't put a finger on it.  Not depressed, but not jumping for joy.  The weather is bleak, chilly, rainy.  My shoulder acts like a barometer so right now it feels like a toothache.  I do have vacation days to use which I should schedule first but dang I had the worst hair day today and looked like a freakazoid so voila I took the day off; not too cool of me.  I believe I need one of those sun machines for SAD; more so as I age.  BTW:  I had a birthday Friday.  I'm now 54.  LOL...ok...Jackie, I'll change the age in my sidebar now that I've caught up to you.  Thanks for the e-cards and snail mail cards. 

Ok....now for true confessions which my son has been bugging me about for months.  I'll accept all opinions, negative or not.  You know we both stopped smoking in the spring.  My son has been totally smoke free since then.  I cheat on occasion.  By cheating, it's a few puffs off of my BF's cigarettes but only when we are out and I've had a few drinks.  So, no, I'm not "smoke-free" but probably have the equivalent of maybe a cigarette or two a month if you add up the puffs.  I've been working on it and managed to go out twice this past month and not cave in.  On my birthday, I did take a few puffs.  I do not and have not smoked one bit except for those few occasions.  Ok, so that's a good excuse  that I'm making for myself and know I will need to muster thestrength or quit going out for a few drinks.  My BF doesn't drink when we are out so he's the DD.  I still enjoy a couple of stout beers; just the last trigger for smoking remaining.  Dec. 12 is decision day in  our area for making all bars and restaurants smoke-free here so I'm keeping myfingers crossed.

Next rant is that I've gained 10 more pounds...ugh...10 when I started my new job over a year ago and 10 since I was sick in September.  Now, I have a whopping 20 to lose.  Should be a piece of cake but it isn't.  Thank God, I'm 5'8" coz it would show a lot more but I can't stand my moon face now.  Joey's gained weight and looks good because he was super skinny before.

Since I'm on a roll, Megan is going to San Diego at the end of the week to visit a friend.  She'll be back in time for Thanksgiving.  She called at dinner time last night insisting that I go to Target immediately and get the brown boots she was looking at last weekend.  She had been at two Targets already.  They didn't have her size.  Boo hoo....I didn't have any idea which boots she had tried on, and I had a pot of soup on the stove and burgers on the grill in the pouring rain.  I had just got back from a marathon grocery shopping trip.  Needless to say, she may be 21 but she still has an attitude at times.  I held my guns, so to speak.  I felt bad, of course, which Joey said she was trying to make me feel so I'd cave in but didn't.  I'm sure she'll live if she goes to Cali. on Thurs without brown boots.  She hung the phone up on me which I can't stand.  I called her back and let her have it because she knows I hate that. 

If you are still with me, I'll give a Grizzly update.  Poor Griz's liver count had doubled since March because both Rimadyl and Phenobarb can cause liver changes.  I increased his MSM and glucosamine that I get OTC at the health food store and started cutting way back on the Rimadyl.  Actually, I had cut him back in the summer because he wasn't as arthritic.  I cut him way back again.  He seems to be moving well.  He went back for a follow-up.  His liver counts are back to where they were in March.  I figure when it's freeziing out and the snow is deep, his joints will be back.  Then I'll give him more.

So, that's the story of my life in a nutshell for now.  Keep Donna and family in your prayers, as they have lost a sister, daughter, spouse, mother, etc.  Keep all those who are battling life threatening diseases in your thoughts and prayers also.

I'm thankful that today is not Thankful Thurs.  Have a good week.  I have a few tags I may put up.  My creative juices sort of dried up also.





jeadie05 said...

Lovely to hear from you Chris ,I think you have done really well packing up smoking I hope you have the same sucess with your diet ,it must be hard ,no hold your ground about the boots ,oh these daughters they know how to get to us dont they ? bless em lol ..love Jan xx

astoriasand said...

Hi Chris good to read you as I havn't been commenting for a couple of days.I havn't been too good.Well I am happy you are not that bad.I think we all get these kind of days don't we.I think you have done fantastic with the no smoking job.I'll be honsest though I did vote you still a smoker LOL!! I know the feeling with the wieght gain and it's much harder as you get older to lose believe me. I know I try plenty.I have to watch my weight all the time being small.You do have the advantage being taller.Give us a few inches please LOL!."A Very Happy Belated Birthday" I hope you enjoyed it.Love the graphic.Don't worry about the boots i'm Sure Megan will get over them.Though I do hope she gets some eventually if she still needs them afterwards.Take Care God Bless Kath
astoriasand http://journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

sugarsweet056 said...

Good to hear from you.
Yes it's so hard keeping up with more than one journal. I used to post every day or two...now it's more like wkly or bi wkly. With my having several journals & trying to make tags, it can get to be a handful (& I'm home all the time, I don't see how those that work outside the home do it every day).
HB belated to you!!!! Your still several yrs younger than me! :)
Good that your smoking has decreased so much,now try to stop completely.
You can get that 20 lbs off, I have faith in you.
Dear Griz, my prayers are with him...hoping he conts to do well for many yrs to come. {{}}
have a good week.

pharmolo said...

I won't come down like a ton of bricks, Chris, over the odd sly puff behind the bikeshed. I should, but won't. Cut the booze, cut the fags, seems to be the motto. Well, good luck with that - mind you, cutting the fags might account for your weight gain...

pippa1116 said...

well I certainlyhope your day gets better.  I think tanning beds help my moods a lot, especially when the weather is bad....
as for Megan, that was a little bratty.....maybe she can find those boots In Cali, lol
take cae

midwestvintage said...

 I would definately have caved in by now and bought cigarettes.  I can't even take a few puffs without going back to a whole pack.  I hear you on the weight gain.  Just seems to keep happening no matter what I do.  I wish I was as tall as you.


xxroxymamaxx said...

Awww...big hugs Chris..hope your NOT smoking. love you, Shelly

innxdoor said...

Decided to hit the journals today and was glad to see your's come up first on my alerts :) Happy Belated BD..54 is a good age!  I'm ahead of you by 7 years so your age is something I wish I was back in! You at the age now where every year you are going to notice "changes", aches & pains, zest for life heightened, and in a few more years you will be into the "experienced" advisor catagory. :))) Well that may not be what my kids think but I earned the term so I'm happy.  Good work on the quit smoking journey, it's not easy and you need a big hug by many along the way to being smokefree. I gained a lot after I quit cold turkey and can say I did have a puff or two off others cig's but basically settled down to just smelling my DIL's while she puffed away! Only one of my kids smoke, daughter & hubby, younger son & g/f, hubby, mom and me don't but you will notice the change in your health, your taste, and your weight after you quit. Grab some pretzels or celery to munch...it helps. Hope Griz is ok :)  Hugs from Doreen

lanurseprn said...

I'm not even a smoker, but if I take a few puffs I have to finish the cigarette. Congrats on the will power. You'll do it! And even if you have cut down that much and only smoke a little, you will reap the benefits.
I hope they do decide to stop smoking in bars. They did that here YEARS ago. No smoking in any public building. I loved it!! I think that will make it easier on you, too.
I'm glad you took the day off. I seriously doubt you looked like a "freakazoid" but it's good for you to rest today. I have a cure for your SAD. Come to Calif and visit me and Jackie, ok? Jackie is only about 1.5 hrs from here. We'd have a ball!
Happy belated Bday to you, too! I hope it was good!!
Ok...have a good day off...and I hope you feel better. I know how that is...and it's awful.
Love ya,
Pam xoxox

lisa41076 said...

Chris, great hearing from you, I have missed you !!!!!!!!!! Glad you are'nt smoking, praying for Grizzley, Love and Hugs Lisa

chat2missie said...

You mean the attitude still continues when they're at college??  No, tell me that's not true! LOL  I was hoping to be free of that once I got Nicci in college away from home! LOL  Enjoy the rest of your week.

xomywayox said...

I have a word for you.


It's word I thought you might like to use on this very day.

Mucho Many Blessing to You.....Brenda

rdautumnsage said...

With that sass I would of never taken you for 54 (winks). I truly get the attitude your getting from Megan, my own does the same. This generation is definitely a taking one, they seldom give but have no problem taking from you. As for the few puffs your taking as far as I'm concerned your not smoking. Speaking of which....
I stopped smoking when Skye had her accident. Don't ask.......why the hell I would stop in the middle of all the bull is beyond me. Maybe I wanted it to be a challenge.
I can't stop thinking I gave up the last wild child habit I had. Then again as you yourself seem to be proving, doesn't take our attitude from us. We can give as good as we get . Love Ya hon. Wishing you brighter days, tame hair, and hopefully smoke fear bars. (Hugs) Indigo

nightmaremom said...

sorry I've been missing in action...  trying to get back into things.....   a puff here and there is not bad.. be proud!!!!!   love ya girlfriend

jlocorriere05 said...

There's not a lot wrong with a few puffs when you're out Chris. You've done so well to give up. Well done to your son for giving up too! I didn't know it was your birthday on Friday, happy belated birthday. Fifty four's not old, I'm fifty seven this year! I'm glad you didn't give in to Megan, kids think we're just errand doers! I'm sure she'll survive without boots in San Diego! Have a good week! Jeannette xx  

chevyz71gurl74 said...

  So glad to hear from you....a puff here and there is a hell of alot better than 1,2,3 packs a day! Eventually you won't even want a puff ~ be proud that you have gotten as far as you have!  

Happy belated Birthday!!!!!!!!!

Girl I'm right there with ya on the weight gain....I started a diet and exercise routine(walking a mile 3x a week) on the first of November...had to kick myself to get moving...but i've done it....and have lost 5lbs  ~ I have to lose it...so tired of not having energy and staying tired all the time...

Megan....sounds like me when I lived at home barking orders at mom....lol   Ahhhh, I use to be such a brat!  Good for you standing your ground....

Poor Grizzly ~ I sure hope he gets to feeling better soon!


tendernoggle said...

I thnk you are doing great! Maybe if they ban smoking at the bar and grills, then you will finally be able to kick cigaretts butt for good!
love ya,

jckfrstross said...

glad all is going well:) enjoy your week:) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU


dwhee70041 said...

It is so good to hear from you.  I guess I should change my alerts to Cab's Creations.  Thanks for the updates.  I am very proud of your attempts to quit smoking.  Keep at it!

queeniemart said...

i'm proud of you for TRYING to quit smoking and glad its just a cig here and there.....you won't get me yelling at you though i pray you are able to stop soon....tell Joey CONGRATS! on the quitting for good.....i know how hard it is. I miss you so much when you go long stretches without updating..i love you so and want to know whats going on....moon face? You are beautiful, no matter what!
Megan is something else.....her and my Meg should room together somewhere.....these young adults are a hoot and a half. My son is the one with the attitude in my life.....GRRR!!
Give Grizz a hug from me, ok?
XO lj

fisherkristina said...

Gonna send you an email in a day or two, girlie.


siennastarr said...

I honestly voted, "not really", because a few puffs does make you a smoker,  but not really.  Did that make sense?? lol  Well, it does to me.  I just pray those puffs don't turn into more than one or two, ya know?  
I cannot believe that I didn't get a alert about your birthday.  I was supposed to!
:(   I am so sorry that I didn't send you an e card!  HAPPY BE-LATED BIRTHDAY, MY AWESOME FRIEND!! Ha!  You caught up with me! (sticking out tongue at you)

I hope your day is better today.  I'm off to work in a few minutes.  They have me training on the 3 - 11 shift... :/   Eventually I will be back on nights, which is okay for now, but I'm not doing it for another 13 years, I can tell you that!!

Hugs and love

queenb8261 said...

Chris. Chris, Chris I can't believe you are still speking to me. I thought your birthday was TOMORROW, Kick my ass. Happy Belated Birthday. I hope you had a good one. I had every intention of getting a card off. So sorry. I know what you mean about this piss in the wind mood. I went to the grocery store today and saw all the CHristmas crap everywhere and just wanted to scream.
 It did cool down into the 5os so it finally felt like Fall. I made a big pot of chili and a pan of cornbread. Sooooooo tummy warming. I hope your mood improves and stop feeling guilty about sneaking a puff....I have a girlfriend who quit about 15 yrs ago and every time we go out she'd smoke one (when i was still smoking) then say I've been smoke free for ...... LOL I laughed at her. Take care of yourself and maybe do some walking, listening to some music. those 10lbs will disappear in no time.Love ya much....Barb

springangel235 said...

My opinion...no not really are you a smoker...I think you are doing great ...stressful situations can trigger that need...heaven knows I have had many of late...and if I were a smoker...I would be smoking 3 packs a day.  You hang in there...and my thoughts and prayers go out to Grizzly...hope he is okay...hugs and much love always...

bgilmore725 said...

DId I forget that you had another journal, or did I ever know... now I can't remember? But I found it this time, linked from your tags journal, which is where I usually visit you. So now I'm in...like the center of a jelly donut! I added this one to my alerts, but I get the impression you would rather keep up with Cab's Creations. Happy Birthday.... I turned 54 in july. Yeay us!! I think you will be a non-smoker when you no longer crave them, and you won't even have to think about not caving in... my husband was a smoker for years, then he quit and became an occasional cheater, taking a few puffs here and there for a few years. He doesn't even think about it anymore... no cravings... no puffs. He quit 25 years ago. If I equate that craving with food, I can't imagine not craving chocolate, or not thinking about it when others are snacking or eating chocolate. It's everywhere. SMoking is banned from our school campus, but chocolate can be found at every staff meeting. POssibly there is a correlation between the increase in chocolate consumption in school staff meetings and the decrease in smoking among teachers? <grin> bea

princesssaurora said...

I think you should be commended for reducing yourself to a few puffs!  Way to go!   As for the weight... I am sure you will get it off... and a few extra is probably fine.  I am glad Grizzly is still hanging in there.  Why don't you combine the journals... it will be less daunting to you... Maybe you will visit more!

be well,

zoepaul6968 said...

I would be smoking if I had a day like that !! my word hun,I take my hat off to you xx

kdcutie26 said...

I think that you are doing great with the smoking Chris, keep up the good work darling.

Katie J

debbiewebb4465 said...

Hi Chris :-) I'd say you're NOT a smoker!! Not compared to me anyway ~ you've done SO well, sadly I've given up on giving up at the moment although I've managed it twice before. Once for three years but still went back to it!!!! Keep it up mate, I know it's not easy especially when you gain weight also, which I always do and that's just as hard to shift as giving up smoking! Take care mate, love Debbie xx

heavenlybama said...

Merry Christmas Chris!  I've done my entry on Christmas Caroling Thru J-Land.

ktkamanski said...

It takes such strenght not to smoke with some of the days you've had to face - So proud of you and I really admire you! Take care of you and enjoy your Today,

zoepaul6968 said...

merry christmas hun and a happy new year to you mwahh zoe xx

fisherkristina said...

Not smoking is sometimes a process.  Don't give up, keep trying.  I am wondering if this entry discouraged you (the poll results).  don't go back to smoking, you can quit.  Keep on trying.  Love you girl,


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Popping in to see if alerts are working..I never know..then I get to thinking what the heck is going on with Chris or whom ever I have not heard from...wishing you and your family a very blessed year!  Hugs,TerryAnn

luvrte66 said...

Hi Chris! Before I visited your journal, I made an entry about quitting smoking! That's almost...eerie. Stop by and read it if you get the chance!

From one former smoker to another...stay strong!


jeanno43 said...

Congratulations on your award from Sugar.  Well deserved!


abicequeen said...

Hello Chris,   You do not know me but I am stopping in to say hello from Alberta, Canada.
Just to let you know I want to encourage you in your life....although I am sure there are real tough days to encounter.
Remember you have friends out there who cheer you on.
Hope you have won the battle of quitting smoking although not to discourage the desire can be there for a long time.




stop in some time and say hello

oxobagladyoxo said...

Happy Belated Birthday!.... :)~


frankandmary said...

I like the "not really" instead of NO :-0.  A de-sad machine would be great right now! ~Mary

zoepaul6968 said...

Chris are you still here hun? zoe xx

Barb said...

Are you gonna keep this journal as your main one or Cab's creation & chit chat? It's going to take me forever to get track of everyone's blogs. LOL I'm proud of your quitting smoking. As stressed as I've beem and with tommy going outside for a smoke after every meal, etc. I'm about ready to take it up. I KNOW BETTER. But I NEED something to make me feel better. I've let my eating get the better. I'd lost 30 lbs and Im afraid to get on the scale. And it and the stress are playing hell with my blood sugar. I'm so SICK of it all. Anyway, tomorrow's another day, right? LOL
Luv N Hugs, Barb

garnett109 said...

Happy Belated B-Day!
With two total hips I can relate to the pain!

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

I wish I could have quit smoking right along with you...I was doing good for a while...hope Griz gets back to normal...wishing you a relaxing Sunday..Hugs,TerryAnn

(Cassie) said...

It sounds like you are just having a rough patch. I hope your shoulder feels better.
I am so proud of you for stopping smoking. Even a puff every now and again is nothing like smoking a pack a week.
Have you tried the patch? Honesty it may take away some of your cravings for when you go out.
YOur lungs and body are healing each day you are not smoking.
The American Cancer Society sent me a packet with a tape and info for free when I was trying to quit.
Drink lots of water, keep suckers, mints gum, anything you can around to help you not smoke.

I don't have much luck with losing weight, and we get older, it seems like it creeps up on us and then it is so hard to get it off.

I never dreamed I would let myself get as heavy as I am now.

But for now maybe you just should take one thing at time, not worry about weight til the stop smoking gets easier.

Some are having luck with ww. I am thinking of trying them.
Good luck to you, and hope it gets better.

Ps True blood comes on Hbo all the time the reruns on cable..
so you should be able to watch all of them.

Bea said...

Hi Chris... just trying to catch up... I've been browsing around here. Hang in there with the smoking. You'll be glad you did. About the weight, it gets harder and harder to lose, and the more you try to lose, it seems, the more you'll gain. It's hard to cut back, and it's hard to add exercise to one's already full day. For me, I need to lose 20 lbs as well, but I've gotten used to the way I look, and if I lose 20 lbs, I'd have to buy a closetful of new clothes. I love buying new clothes, but I don't know that once I lose it, that it will stay off, and then I'm stuck with a closetful of clothes 3 sizes too small for me, plus all the bigger sizes I need in my current size. Exercise is the key... it helps with metabolism. I lose weight when I excercise, but I can't seem to keep up a regular routine to last a year. Good luck to you! And Happy belated birthday.

~Gem~ said...

Hi Chris!
Gem :-)

~Ann~ said...

I have heard that is really really hard to quit smoking. I have never smoked so I am clueless there.

It seems like a lot of cities are going that route with the bars.

I worked in a bar for years and then the city did a ban on smoking in bars. WoW, it was so dead. So much for tips! LOL

They even had it where you could not smoke within 150 feet of the door.

I am not a smoker so it really doesnt bother me either way. I was around it growing up. Its wierd that they would do that in bars (just my opinion) as many people who go to bars also drink at the same time? I can understand it in restaurants, but bars?

Lisa said...

Chris, I'm back online, Love Lisa, P.S. I miss Jackie :(

Maria said...

Hello Chris,
I am back again... a lot has changed over these past weeks. I like your new "home".
Congratulations for not smoking anymore! Good luck with your next goal... I am sure you can do it!
Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving.
Have a lot of reading to catch up on. Boy, all these changes....
Big hug,

Cathy said...

Ok Chris, time to sit at the PC and talk about something new. Miss ya.

Lori J said...

Hello Chris, I thought maybe you might know who I was but many thanks for your nice words.
It would seem there are so many great journals to read that some days I get nothing done.
Take care and may the Lord richly bless you and yours.

Alberta LORI


Dutch said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal and leaving your kind words. I really appreciate it. I will be following your journal as soon as a return from the hospital. Hugs, Detje Bea (Dutch)

Liz in Virginia said...


AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

Stopping in to wish you a great 2009..hugs,TerryAnn

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

Stopping in to wish you a great 2009..hugs,TerryAnn

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu visiting your blogspot

Cathy said...

BTW you have a BEAUTIFUL face and comparing it to our mysterious Luna is only complimentary!

"Ice Pony Girl" said...

Good for you for giving up the coffin nails. I bet it's a hard. but in the long run...so much better for you and think of all the $$$ you're saving. HA!

Go for a ride...great stress reliever. {{{HUGS}}}






singamaraja said...

Singamaraja reading your blog

Cathy said...

Well Chris, you're getting older, fatter, and someone you love is ill. Sounds like life is moving along for you right on schedule, like all of us. (((love)))

Toyin O. said...