Saturday, March 10, 2007

Belated Happy Birthday to my Special "Boy"


With all the drama last week, I forgot, well didn't forget, but didn't mention that my special puppy had a birthday on March 6th.  Happy Birthday late to my Grizzly!  He turned 10, even though I keep making him one year Griz.

I'm happy to report that Grizzly is doing exceptionally well on the Rimadyl.  Now, if his blood work is ok and it's not affecting his liver, we are home free.  He isn't quite running and jumping as well as a pup but darned near.

My BF was over the other night to fix our ventless heater in the familyroom.  It was dusty and had gone out.  That was the night we had 6 inches of snow and it was soooo cold.  Grizzly always escapes when my BF goes out the door.  I made my BF go get him because it was frigid.  I heard (#$)*@)&($# coming out of my BF's mouth, as he was trying to keep up with my pooch,  muttering that he thought I had said the dog was crippled.  We were howling because Grizzly could not have done that a couple of weeks ago.

Things are much better around here.  I'm not in the mood to rehash today.  Joey and I are off to eat at our favorite Mexican place and grocery shop....ugh.



bobbysgirl8584 said...

Happy belated Bday to Grizzly!! Enjoy the mexican food....& have a great weekend!

my78novata said...

hubby wnats to eat out at our favorite mexican place tonight.
My pepper is ten. HEY give him a pat and  hug and treat from me!!!!!!!!! happy birthdya grizzly bear!!!!!!

astoriasand said...

Awwwwww how sad we all missed out on Grizzly's B/Day,what a shame.It's still good though to read he is improving,I am so happy for you Chris.Haaa I had to laugh at the tale over Grizzly and BF.OH! thats good he fixed your heating.We need to find them something to do and keep them busy LOL!! I am happy, I get the feeling you are a lot better on yourself.Keep it up Chris.Thanx for the lovely graphics you made for our sidebars. I have given you a mention where I have placed them.You are an Angel."HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY GRIZZLY" WOOF WOOF I wish I was nearer I would bring you a belated prezzy.Love your framed Picture above.Take Care God Bless Have a lovely week/end I hope .

sugarsweet056 said...

HB (belated) dear Grizzly! The pic is wonderful!
My Sweet Pee is 10 & Ang is 11. Monk is the youngester at 3. LOL
Did you get him a special treat or present?
Have fun eating out. {{ }}

jeadie05 said...

Very happy belated birthday wishes to Grizzly ,he still 'has it ' giving your boy friend the run around ,lol cant believe you still have snow ,its been quite spring like here ,and is much appreciated I can tell you ,enjoy your dinner ,,love Jan xx

siennastarr said...


I'm so relieved to hear that he is doing well on the new meds!  I know with all that is going on in your life right now, this is a big relief.

You know I'm here for you!  Hope you enjoyed your lunch with Joey!

Love you

lisa41076 said...

Happy Birthday Grizzley !!!!!!!!!!! Glad you are feeling better, Hugs Lisa

calmingtherain said...

that medication that you say your dog is doing well on about killed mine back in the summer. at least i think that is what it was called. he only had one dose of it. i thought it was strange before i gave it to him and shouldnt have. he got it cause he got fixed. debbie

rdautumnsage said...

Give Grizzly a big hug from me. The little rascal is already giving you a run for your money LOL. It's all good news though, when they suddenly bounce back and act as if nothing was ever wrong. Wouldn't it be nice if life was so easy as that? Have a wonderful meal!! (Hugs) Indigo

queenb8261 said...

Happy Belated Birthday Griz!!   Give him an extre treat from me. LOL at your BF trying to catch him.  Griz was just having a breezy walk. Take care of him. Take care of yourself.
Love ya. Barb  

jckfrstross said...

Happy Birthday Grizz:) have a great weekend


helloimkara said...

Happy Birthday Grizzly and I LOVE Mexican food!!!!

Kara :)

mrsm711 said...

Grizzly is so adorable. Glad to hear things are better.  One day at a time.  That's all we can do.  :)     Tracy

princesssaurora said...

{{{{ Chris }}}} I am happy things are better... That is funny what your bf said!  lol  Yay for Grizzly!  I am so happy that he is much improved.  I am praying the blood tests will be clear... let us know.

be well,

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Wow doesn't seem like a year...nope i remember just yesterday wishing him happy birthday...dang it was a year wasn't it...well Happy Birthday again boy!!!!! Hugs,TerryAnn

queeniemart said...

You had a good day?!!! GOOD!!  I smile thinking that you and Joey had good food and no worries for a bit. I love you so, Chris.
Tell Grizz happy belated from Buddy and Maddie, the beagles from Ohio.
XO lj

ally123130585918 said...

Happy Birthday Grizzly ~ Glad he is doing so well ~ and glad things are better for you ~ Ally

springangel235 said...

A very Happy Belated Birthday to Grizzly...what a handsome doggie!!!
So happy the Rimadyl is working...that's great news to share.  
Sorry about that ventless heater...things happen when you least expect them too...hope that dinner was a good one.  We love Mexican food...don't have it often enough...hugs and love for a beautiful Sunday...

midwestvintage said...

 happy belated Birthday Grizzly, you look wonderful.


jlocorriere05 said...

Happy belated birthday to Grizzly! Wow, are you really ten now, you don't look it! I'm so glad the Rimadyl is doing him good. It was my Nina's birthday today. Enjoy your Mexican meal, I love their food! Jeannette xx  

lanurseprn said...

Happy Birthday to Griz!  He's beautiful! Glad he's feeling better. I hope you and Joey had a nice dinner together.

penniepooh said...

Aww, Happy birthday dear Grizzly! :)
Stay well and be a good boy,
Hugs and slobber kisses,

dwhee70041 said...

Happy birthday Griz......Milo say Woof, Woof!

shayshaydc said...

Happy Birthday Grizzly!!!! Glad you are doing better!!!!!