Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Grrrr....Cherry made the lovely tag above.  How fitting.  My paw is definitely going up today.  Can we say I'm fed up?  At least, the tv was exchanged, and the new one is working.  Can I work it?  ROFL...the remote control totally confuses me....totally, let alone all the other crap.  My BF says just read the book.  Hell' bell's, I can't even program my cell phone or clock radio for that matter.  Boo haha....

Megan came rolling in moaning and groaning about the mess in the rest of the house.  Boo haha again.  She informed me she doesn't live here so she's exempt from cleaning.  Lord have mercy.  She's getting a job in Pgh and moving into her house after school is out.  One vehicle.  She doesn't want the Oldsmobile.  Tough bananas.  She's going to ask her dad for a car on of ruck on that one, Megan. How she thinks she can pay rent plus the upkeep on a car is beyond me.  She seems to miss the point about this family's lack of funds.

How many times can you drop a cell phone before it stops working?  Well, I dropped mine one time too many last week.  It's Megan's old one, which I loved, but she had dropped it several times last year down 12 flights of steps. She got a new one last summer, and I took over the one I'm using now. So...she wants me to take over her new one (I like that one, too) and wants a pink skinnny moto phone.  Uh, $129 she doesn't have.  I have to go to Verizon and get myself a new cell phone tonight.  Sorry, Megan, big difference between wanting and needing....a lesson you are definitely learning the hard way and making it super hard on me.

Ok....Joey is the only one who isn't bothering me today, at least not a lot.  My BF and's the to it.

Whooooo, I'm done ranting for now.  There's not enough time in one day to completely get anything done.  It's driving me crazy.  In between cooking dinner, dishes, and some clutter removal, I've accomplished about 1/10 of what I hoped to.  And, the dishes are piled back up again.  Yikes....

Poor Grizzly is famished and out of dog food so I have to get cleaned up and go shopping.  I'll be back later when things settle down, as if.  At least, Megan doesn't work tomorrow so we won't be juggling vehicles.  LOL...anybody know a rich old man looking for a crazy old lady???????



debbiewebb4465 said...

Oh chris I wish I could win the lottery ~ then you could have a hundred cell phones LOL I know what it's like ~ I waited 3 years for a new mobile ~ Mart got me one last week for my birthday but the girls have about 6 between them LOL :-)
take care hon, much love n hugs ~xx Debbie xx~

chat2missie said...

If I find him, I'll send him your way! LOL

queeniemart said...

Thank you so much for those 2 gorgeous tags you sent to me them! I just woke up after sleeping 8 hrs straight...i have so much to do and look at what i am doing....reading journals. SIGH.
My Megan thinks money grows on trees. She has no clue nor does she care about the real world. Do what you can today and to heck with what you cant!
Love,lisa jo

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Grrr...we are too much alike...I still need to figure out how to hook up my scanner my daughter gave me...And my dad sent me a cam and I have no idea how to use it....LOL....I do know how to set th clock radio though...But have had the same one since 98 LOL....I can't set the clock in my car...hehehehehehe
My daughter was the same way....They have to find out on their own....Poor's is baffling to them when they find out us moms are not as dumb as they thought...Hey if you find one of those rich old men ask if he would like two crazy old ladies...LOL...hugs...TerryAnn.

djohn52 said...

Hi Chris!

Whew! Watta day....week? lol  Hope things calm down a little for you!  No, not pills, have a nice lovely AgelessXtra drink! Take care of every little thing, except the new car and cell phone! LOL

My computer was soooo sluggish last week, Darrell put a new modem in it and some updated itself now it just runs fine! So really don't know what did the trick. Wouldn't know anyway, even it they told me! :)

Take Care! Big Hugs

jckfrstross said...

i love the talk to the paw i have one also:) Diama does wonderful things hope you have a good thursday


tpiez4me said...

Just make sure the rich old man has one foot in the grave AFTER signing it all over to ya!!!!  Good luck...I'm still looking!
Sharon -

chevyz71gurl74 said...

My first car was a green Cutlass....I didn't want it....but i
sure took got me from point A to point B...and thats
all that mattered to me....LMAO  The fact that my parents gave
it to me...was a blessing ~ it was only a thousand dollar vehicle...
but ya know...i didn't have to buy it...and that made me actually
love it!  My paw has been up all day too Chris...people at work
looked at me like...."damn woman u must be PMS'n"
I guess i am....a week beware next week too...HAHA
Hope things get better for the both of us =)~

pennietoonz said...

LOL, Chris, even though you`re fed up you are still funny. :)
Have you figured out how to turn the TV on yet?     j/k
My daughter doesn`t get any time off school for Easter. What`s up with that? I made up a basket for her last weekend while she was home.
Oh, did you get a new phone? I love getting a new cell phone!!

kdcutie26 said...

I here ya love, days like this are the pits.  I just have to laugh when I read your entries though because you write so darn cute Chris, even when your mad.  ROFL.  You are the sweetest and I <3 You.

Katie Jane

njmom72 said...

I'm a klutz when it comes to cell phones, I always drop mine. The one I have now has a wrist strap, thank goodness so now I don't drop this one! lol

~ Susan

queenb8261 said...

LOL I  have had days like that recently.  My daughter just swooped in on her way home from work to borrow a can of beef broth.  I'm like...uhuh, what else do you want. LOL I did finally get her to haul off a box of her stuff she'd left hidden away.  So, it's not just your household.  We've all got them.  I want to see the car Megan gets in her Easter Basket...maybe a new hotwheel? Hee hee. I'm sorry.  That was mean.  Have a happy and blessed Easter. Barb