Sunday, April 9, 2006

Last night was a winner on the scale of dates my BF and I have had over the years.  My BF is a control freak, well, not exactly...let's say he likes to take control of his life and command the way it runs.  It has made for a very successful career and so forth.  He believes that we sort of commandeer and steer the course of our lives.  In essence, this is pretty much true.  I was suffering from depression when I was younger.  It took all my effort just to go to work every day and not suffer a panic attack.  There was no energy left to promote a career.  In effect, I did stymie myself at work.  When I went back to work 8 years later, the promotions were pretty much over and done with.  I was a very different person.  The school of hard knocks had made me tough and resilient.  LOL...I am in no way in command of my life.  Things happen; I deal with it.  As my dear Penny said, I have become an expert at making lemonade out of lemons.  My BF is not dealing well with sort of falling from grace at work.  It isn't fair and it certainly isn't appropriate after all the expertise he had lended to management.  In particular, his supervisor's actions are hurting him to the core.  We talked about this before we went out last night.  I told him he needed to just move on and get over it.  We cannot control the actions of others.  Most at work are so supportive and loving....dismiss those that aren't.  They simply aren't worth the time and effort.  I've learned that art quite well.  I believe he has 10 more work days, excluding any sick days he uses up. 

So, we went out and totally kicked up our heels at the Days Inn.  There was a wedding party.  It's always a blast when there are weddings there because the lounge is packed with happy people.  We danced the night away.  Yes, I love to shake my bootay.  I probably look like a fool but I don't care.  And, we can walk there.  LOL...his new apt. is a bit longer of a walk.

He went to his mom's today.  She was cranky yesterday because she is not feeling well at all.  She has congestive heart disease, and her legs are so swollen.  He's taking her to the doc's this week.  They changed her diuretic (water pill) for some reason.  It doesn't appear to be working.

Sharing some batteries were dying so I'm not sure how clear they will be.


 Now, you all know I just love pictures of myself...

My BF lighting the fire...there's that circle on the wall again...I do think I'm having some lens problems with my camera...grrrrr  He wouldn't let me get a shot of his face until we got hoo...the batteries were dead.

This was in my journal before from Christmas...

I went to Target today to scout out some furnishings for the family room.  I saw so many things I would love to get but have to figure out how much I want to spend.  I was so tempted but was a good girl.  Then it was off to Wally World for groceries.  LOL...I was even tempted at Walmart also.

Have a good Palm Sunday all....4 days and counting until the tornado (Megan) arrives home for Easter break.....



jckfrstross said...

glad you had a wonderful night;) hope you have a good week:) love the photos


tpiez4me said...

A night out on the town is just what the Dr ordered!  I so need a Rx for one myself......and soon!
Sharon -

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Great pics!
What a cute couple =)
Nice place pretty!
Keeping your b/f and his mother in
my thoughts and prayers!

shayshaydc said...

Glad you got a night out with your boyfriend!!!! We all need time away every now and again!!!!

am4039 said...

great pictures, I'm happy you had a great time last night.  I know it's tough at work and I'm so sorry for him. Hope your Sunday was good.

njmom72 said...

Great pictures, sounds like you had a blast! :-)

~ Susan

queeniemart said...

You are beautiful and BF is handsome too. You both look like a perfect fit. I am so glad you got out and had fun!!!!! NOone deserves it more.

xxroxymamaxx said...

I'm so glad you two got out and had a good time.  sounds like you really needed that.  And I'm sure the whole thing with your BF retiring and all will pan out and he will start enjoying himself.  Hope you have a super fantastic week too.  GBU, Shelly

chat2missie said...

I haven't been out dancing since............oh my, I can't remember! LOL

djohn52 said...

Hi Chris!

Yes, you two make a "good lookin"  couple!  So glad you guys got to go out and have some fun!  I remember my Days Inn days! I had a lot of fun. But a lot of heartache too! Course that was when I was divorced. That all stopped when I married my policeman.  When we first started dating again we went to the Days Inn and another little bar. He doesn't drink and he was so uncomfortable. He sat with his back to the wall, and kept his eye on everybody. LOL He's hauled in too many drunks in his lifetime! It's ok I don't miss it. We were made to be together, and I am so "at home" with him!

I'm so sorry your BF is having such a bad time at work. I's awful to go from the "fairhaired child" to being thought of as the "problem child". It's  crushing!

Your livingroom is shaping up beautifully!  Love your pictures!
Take Care!  Big Hugs!

pennietoonz said...

Wow, I`m glad you two had such a good night! I KNOW you`re leaving out some details. heh heh  :0)
Well, we just can`t always control life and in some ways, you can probably see his situation more clearly than he can because of what you have been through. I agree with you that it isn`t at all appropriate after the service he has given but the reality is that that`s the way things are now days. I think it`s really disrespectful and hurtful! I`m sure he`ll get through it okay. He seems strong.
Loved  the pics and that Hello Kitty globe.

debbiewebb4465 said...

Chris what lovely photo's !! And nothing cheers you up more than a good ole dance :-) Glad to hear you had such fun and I hope things settle down for your BF soon mate. Thinking of you.
big hugs ~x Debbie x~

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Wow! Chris out shaking her bootay....And I doubt you looked a fool...My grandmothers legs started getting swollen and then they would leak water....the water pill didnt work for her either...Now I get to see a close up of Chris....look how pretty you look like a girl I used to work with at could be her sister...Enjoyed all the pictures...Hope all goes well for your boyfriend...I have remember you both in my prayers and just said anothe one...hope all works out for your boyfriend in the end...TerryAnn.

queenb8261 said...

Great photos.  You two are a very good looking couple.  Sounds like a good time out! Hope you have a great week.

dwhee70041 said...

Chris, who is the beautiful babe with the guy in the yellow shirt???  Great pictures. Smiles,  David