Thursday, April 13, 2006 patient.  I had to make sure this bunny didn't knock my journal out of whack.  I didn't make this one; I wish  I could get my glitter that neat and the bunnies eyes to blink but I'm not that far along with animation yet so I snagged this one.

My perception of the fine details (or lack of it) always seems to amaze me.  It sort of appeared to me that everyone's side bars were expanding....duh...AOL increased the spaced.  Finally but you would think that would have been the first thing I thought of.

Today I played hookie again.  Well, not really...I was stiff as a board from overexerting myself yesterday.  Age will do that to you.  I have to work tomorrow because Good Friday is not a federal holiday.  Nobody will be at work.  Everyone will be using their vacation time.  Drats...I should have taken tomorrow off.  Most people like the days when no one is in.  I think they drag.

Megan, my little, apologized for her outburst last night.  Of course, I also apologized for my adding to it.  We are far too much alike and never know when to stop.  We went to Walmart and Verizon.  I'm always so indecisive when I have to get a new phone.  First of all, I'm super cheap/tight/frugal when it comes to cell phones.  I don't want a million and one gadgets that I have to learn how to use.  I need one that sounds good when I talk on it.  I've been known to return several phones within the 15 day period if I don't get wonderful "pick-up".  I'm glad they have some new employees now at our local store.  The old ones used to shudder when I stepped into the store.

I had no intentions of getting a picture phone.  I ended up getting one because it had an enormous rebate and was super cheap in the end.  I hadn't even intended on taking pics with it.  Of course, Megan took a few of herself immediately and deleted them.  My assessment is that it takes "chitty" pictures.  Outside fine; inside yuck.  So, it's a cheap picture phone.  What did I expect and why do I care?  I have no idea but it's bothering me.  I want to return it for a nice picture phone.  Maybe I should listen to my lecture I gave Megan yesterday.  I have a digital camera.  Ifeverything  else works on the phone but it takes crappy pics...who cares?  But then was $129 and after all the rebates 29.99. I can live with a crappy picture phone as long as the sound is great.  So far, it's good but I haven't hit the low reception spots yet so I'm still in a state of OCD about this new phone, as always.  I've learned that it's not always the most expensive phone that is the best.  Joey's was an expensive phone but always has an echo in it that bugs me.  Megan's old one that I adopted was wonderful and very inexpensive.

Now, onto the the direction book.  I'm sure you all must know I was dazed and confused.  But I did figure out how to find many things including the lack of nice ringtones.  Strike #2 against this phone.  But I can pay $1.49 and download a cool one or two.  Mine has rings and annoying beeps; one default song and the other song is "When the Saints go Marching In."  Catchy but I don't think it's gonna cut it on the bus. 

I did see something but adjusting the camera resolution and adjustments for indoors and outdoors.  I tried a couple of adjustments.  If I like the sound, I'll keep it...maybe...but dayum, I can put pics in there of my kids to pop up when the call me.  Now, how cool is that.  I think I want a nice camera to go with my phone.  I am going to have it for two years.  I'll keep you posted.  Too many decisions for a procrastinator like me.  Take me back to the "old" days of a plain old cell phone with incoming and outgoing calls.

Megan and I go to eat at our favorite little authentic Mexican restaurant....yum.  So, alls well with my little Megan.  I knew it would be.  Like mother; like daughter.

Smiles to all....we are going to my Mom's for Easter dinner.  Megan will miss it.  She is working 5 pm to 1 am and making double time.  She couldn't pass that up.  She is happy because she can go to the sunrise service at our old church.

I still have to buy them the typical Sarris Chocolate peanut butter eggs for the girls and Joey the double chocolate egg.  Sarris is a  hometown Pgh chocolate and melts in your mouth.  I have to stop on the way home tomorrow after work to pick them up.  They don't wants lots of candy anymore.  Becky likes little cutesy Easter decorations.  Megan wants some money, of course.  Joey is happy with anything he gets.  Gotta love that boy of mine.

Peace and Smiles to all tonight.  It's been another busy day for me but a good one.  I'll be visiting tomorrow.  Somber Good Friday for all my Christian friends in preparation for the Glory of Easter Sunday.





sazzylilsmartazz said...

You know I love this. Boots, bunny and eggs!
Happy Easter!!

dwhee70041 said...

ROFL!!!!! I was listening to the Beatles sing "She's A Woman" while my screen rolled down, reveling those fantastic boots.......Thanks Chris!  Happy Easter!  David

tpiez4me said...

I like the chick cracking the egg LOL!!!  Glad you and Meg made up...guess it's a woman thing ya know all that hormonal stuff going on in the same house.  Have a great, safe weekend.
Sharon -

jeadie05 said...

Ido so agree with you about mobile phones these days ,they do just about every thing but the ironing ,I just need one to receive calls and send them lol ,A happy and Blessed Easter to you and yours .......Jan xx

queeniemart said...

Since i dislike most of the people i work with, i would love to go to work and not have anyone there. You crack me up with the story of you and the new cell. I want a cell phone so bad...cant afford it. I would have to have a super cheap one because i am a total clutz. Take a pic of you and Megan and post it and let us decide if its crappy.
Enjoy your Friday. LOVE, lisa

chat2missie said...

WOW!  I wonder how much more you could have put in your "about me" section!!  My daughter and I are so much alike also.  She does everything she can to make herself different.  It doesn't work.  We even finish each other sentences!  My mom and I are the same way!  Have fun with the new phone.

lici0uslatin22 said...

lol on your Cell phone issue....  I am also the same way.. Just not a cell phone but everything I get for my self..  I guess its a woman thing...  I hope you enjoy your time w/your daughter and hope you have a good Easter... take care.  Mari..

djohn52 said...

Cute Chicks! Is that you and Megan? lol Glad you made up!  The chicks made me think of my boys when they were growing they are the best of friends!
Ahhhh...makes a Mother's heart so proud.

Have a Blessed Easter!


oxobagladyoxo said...

Have a great weekend hun.


debbiewebb4465 said...

I love this entry Chris !! Did you know that Essex Girls are renown for their white stiletto's ? I LOVE the graphic at the top LOL And as for phones....don't get me started !! I got a new one for my b/day ~ it's great to look at, cost an arm and a leg, but I don't even now how to turn it off !!! And I've lost the instructions LOL Enjoy your meals at the Mexican and at your mom's and have a great Easter :-) btw ~ the chicks at the bottom ~ LMAO
much love n hugs ~xx Debbie xx~

pennietoonz said...

That`s where I got my cell phone - Verizon - and I absolutley love it! It`s the best phone I ever had, comes with tons of ring tones, pictures, tip calculator, zoom on the camera etc. Different rings for different people calling you if you`d like....LOVE it!
I am sad Corey will not be home for Easter.
Have a great holiday!

xxroxymamaxx said...

Yummy, that chocolate sounds so good right now. lol  Ryan and I are getting ready to go to Walmart to do our Easter shopping.  I know, late right?  It's almost 10 pm.  But here, that's the best time to go. Love the graphic.  Very cute.  : )  GBU, Shelly