Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thanks to Shelly for the tag.  I can't describe my mood; mysterious even to me. 

We've had some beautiful 75 degree days since Saturday until the chilly rain blew through today.  The car problems continue to mount.  Indecisions as to what to do because right now there is nothing left for the tiniest car payment.  I'm on a wing and prayer at this point in time.

My biggest concern has been Megan's kitty, Mocha.  She suffers from hairballs frequently but on Saturday started a dry hack that lasted for minutes and minutes on end.  It sounds like a normal hairball "choke" but then progressed to an awful hacking sound.  She has continued doing this off and on without actually letting out the dreaded hairball.

I called the vet today and came home after half a day to take her.  All appears very good from initial tests.  Of course, the full work up of blood and urine was done.  And....$177.00 later out the door I walk.   I will know tomorrow if the labwork is fine.  Then it's x-rays.  Grizzly needs a liver profile done over the Columbus Day weekend because of the phenobarb he takes for seizures so I'm reeling over here because he will also have to be sedated to get his claws trimmed plus his regular shots and Heartgard.  I'm thankful right now I only have two pets.

Mocha got in the house and went and hid.  Now I'm worried because I can't find her.  I gave Becky back the extra kitty carrier so Mocha had a velcro leash thing still attached to her when she scooted.  I've checked all her hiding places.  I'm worried that she's caught on something with that darned leash.  Joey and I have searched high and low for her.

I'm definitely taking the day after Columbus Day off and half a day next Friday.  I have vacation time building each pay period so I'm going to take advantage of it. what do I do when I'm frustrated and worried...throw myself into the Paint Shop and try new things.  Talk about frustrating myself even further.

I fell asleep during the last half hour of Dancing with the Stars so tried to catch up on what I missed last night.  I then watched Terry Irwin, Steve Irwin's wife, and her interview with Barbara Walters.  Wow, what a tear jerker that was.

I'm off to the basement to search for Mocha.  Almost an impossibility to find her down there normally.

I'm working my way around the journals again.  I never seem to stay caught up but hooray...the weekend is coming and my gypsy daughter, Becky, is moving again on Saturday.  I think she has enough help because my shoulder is bothering me and my one hip is acting up.  Oh the joys of

Have a good one all! My poor traumatized kitty....she was not a happy camper.





queeniemart said...

i pray you find kitty and kitty is ok. We got a notice from the vet that Buddy and Maddie need shots and their nails are so long...between no time and no money, boo hoo. My car has the check engine light on for a month plus there is this noise in the engine that we cant seem to figure out what it is, even after $500. Again, phooey on all bad things in life.
I LOVE YOU girlie.

nelishianatl said...

Hope you all can find out what's wrong with Mocha.  That's such a pretty graphic.  Shelly is so sweet.
Hard to watch Terry Irwin.  It hurts for her to see that happened to her at such a young age.  They were so good together.

jckfrstross said...

so did you find mocha? we have a cat that has hairballs i get the hairball stuff at walmart and it really does work shadow hates it but it works and saves a vet bill:) car problems ugh that is why i married a mechanic lol have a great friday


chat2missie said...

Your poor kitty.  My Merlin hasn't had a hairball yet. He's only one.  I don't know if that's something that happens with age?  Hopefully you find his hiding spot.  Have a good evening.

siennastarr said...

Hey Chris.. :)

Sorry to hear about your cat!  I hope you found her, and she wasn't hooked to something, like you thought!

It is so expensive to take your pets to the doctor!  And, they do not let you pay on credit.. its all the money that day... or no take care of your animal!  Well, at least that's how they are out there in California.


hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((((CHRIS)))))))))))))))))))))))Sounds like you had a busy day.I hope you cat gets to feeling better soon.She is a prtty one.I had to snaged the Hugs graffc,it is me to a hope you will get some rest.Have a great week.

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Oh Chris i hope you find Mocha!!!

penniepooh said...

Awww, cute kitty. I hope everything turns out well for Mocha. Hang in there, sweetie!

jlocorriere05 said...

I hope you find Mocha, she must be frightened after the trip to the vets. I've always given my cats a teaspoon of liquid parrafin each month and don't get problems with hairballs. Maybe ones got stuck inside her, they do sometimes. It'll make them cough quite a bit if they try to cough it up. I hope she's OK when you find her and I hope Grizzly will be all right too. Jeannette xx  

lisa41076 said...

Chris, Mocha is a beautiful kitty !!!!!!!!!!! I hope she is ok, Hugs to you Lisa

helloimkara said...

Man dont ya wish we could get cheap insurance for our pets!  Vets are so expensive!!!  And pets cant talk to give you a clue whats wrong so they have to do a million tests!!!  UURRGGGHHH! I hope you find Mocha!!!

Kara :)

sugarsweet056 said...

LOL, you've had quite a day or two! {{{}}}
Hope all goes well with Mocha & Grizzlys test comes back ok.
Lord knows, I know, how $ pets can be. But, don't they give us so much love?
Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Sugar

oxobagladyoxo said...

Sounds to me your having one of those days. So Sorry Hun. Hope Mocha don't scare ya like that again. I am sure you were worried to death.


lv2trnscrb said...

I think those vets have a racket going on. They charge soooo much and you know you have to pay it to get your animal back and you gladly do because you love said animal. Hope you found Mocha by now


ally123130585918 said...

Chris I hope Mocha is OK ~ Vets fees really are over the top ~ beautiful picture of Kitty ~ Ally

jeadie05 said...

I do hope you find Mocha ,and she is OK ,also Grizzly,Vets are so expensive ,aloso hope the car can be sorted out 'a wing and a prayer ' havent heard that for years lol I saw the interview with Terry Irwin too ,so sad ,.,.,.,Jan xx

pharmolo said...

Hairballs can be a nuisance with cats - do you give Mocha access to grass? Sounds silly perhaps, but cats will eat grass to make themselves chuck up their hairballs.
If you look at my screenie, you'll understand my concern over the combination of phenobarb and liverproblems for Grizzly.
Hope the moneyworries don't get the better of you.


zoepaul6968 said...

poor mocha,i hope you find the cat,chances are the cats hiding right under your nose theyre good at that xxzoexx

jeanno43 said...

Hope you find Mocha, our cats when we had them (we are down to one now) would often go missing but turned up in the end.  Vets are so expensive aren't they?  The prices over here are getting ridiculous.

princesssaurora said...

What a gorgeous kitty!  I hope you feel better and are good with the moving!

be well,

tpiez4me said...

That kitty looks like our Katie......

lanurseprn said...

What a pretty kitty!  I was sorry I missed Barbara Walter's special with Steve Irwin's wife. I so wanted to see it. Damn.  
I bet it was a tear jerker.
Hope you are able to enjoy your weekend.

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed on my far it has not gone out...i know I am bad to wait but...with maybe needing a new heating and airconditioning system for the house...I am just waiting to see what happens first! That and my 94 chevy truck is sitting under the need fixed but it has a new motor in it and did the transmission right before it went under there...the chair sits cockeyed but...I love it and will one day fix it up!  Big hugs,TerryAnn

shayshaydc said...

awwwwwwwww poor Mocha!!!! Hope things will be better for you soon Chris!!!! I have difficulty keeping up with journals too!!!!! Seems like I'm always behind!!! LOL...