Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ending with a Laugh


Today was just one of those days where I felt like I was, at best, tapping my foot in aggravation.  I didn't realize it but it started last evening with my picking up my medication for high blood pressure.

I'm not sure about the UK but here in the states the pharmacies change generic drugs like tomorrow's clean underwear.  I hate it because sometimes the new generic does not work as well as the last.  Of course, I got a new generic last night and told myself this is all in my head.

Of course, I was lightheaded this morning after taking two doses of the new medicine.  The nurse at work confirmed that my blood pressure was far too high for someone on meds.  After a few phone calls to the pharmacy, I found out that the pharmaceutical co. quit manufacturing the medicine.  Grr.....but they did have 100 left at the warehouse so I'm trading it in tomorrow and have to discuss this with the doc in the next three months.

I took my car to get the tires checked.  This is my old car, by the way.  I couldn't find the receipt for the life of me.  Well, as it turns out I never took advantage of the free tire rotation. news, the rear ones are perfect and the front ones aren't that awful.  I got a free rotation and got the oil changed but nothing is ever totally smooth.  My radiator is gunked and needs to be flushed.  Their machine was broken so now that has to be done soon.

I get home and my son says he could have told me that because the low coolant light has been going off and on even though it doesn't need antifreeze.  Megan echoed this.  Sheesh...why don't they say something?  So, this is my next week's chore because I simply won't be able to get it done before Christmas.

I got home...finally...and saw Jeannette's two doggies wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.  Of course, poor old Griz had to get an elf hat put on his head; very grudgingly  and with a good many doggy treats to bribe him.  Megan was very willing to help with the cause.  (ROFL...I seem obsessed with turning my family and pets into elves.)  Thank you, Jeannette, for the idea.  It brought laughter back into the household once again. 


My poor old pooch has cataracts which is why his eyes glisten in most of the pictures taken.  And I got some Christmas cards today; Jan/Serendipity; Penny/Bits and Pieces of Ohio; and one from Millie in the UK who sent me a card she had made from one of my tags.  Thank you all!  I promise next year I will get cards sent out to all my JLand friends.

One more day of work, and then the crunch begins.  I must say I do well under last minute pressure; not that I have a whole lot to do.  I have a couple of last minutes gifts to get and a few more gift bags.  No wrapping for me anymore.

             Chris  (Thanks, LJ, again.  I think this is one you sent me.)


jckfrstross said...

love the elfes too cute:) have a good evening:)


queeniemart said...

Yes, it is. Tickles me when such an AWESOME tag creator such as you likes a tag i find in my travels thru tag world. LOL
I love that pic of the dog and Megan. Hate to hear the old car needs money put into it. Oh, after you sent me the pics of the new car i DID remember when you bought it and i had forgotten. Sorry! Its a cool looking car.

my78novata said...

ah love the pet pic and the holiday hats. yes I saw jeanettes video too. how cute is that. yes  Ihate th emeds and such it is so maddening. Its like no one cares anymore. good abyt your tires. Todd just flushed Tracys radiator it was nasty.

pippa1116 said...

this is funny to me because right before I opened the alert to this entry, I had stuck a bow on James' head. of course, being a cat, he is NOT happy. lol

take care


penniepooh said...

Chris, I hope you get the meds thing straightened out. What a pain in the butt!
What an adorable picture! Grizz is such a trooper. It`s good to hear you guys laughing over there. :0)
(well...almost. I`m only a state away! )

lanurseprn said...

I love your picture of your elves!  Too cute!  Good luck with the car.  Hope you get all of your last minute stuff done.  I'm like you,....I work better under pressure at the last minute! LOL!

lisa41076 said...

Chris, Hope you get your medicine in order, Awwwww Grizzley looks adorable in that hat and Megan is beautiful !!!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

siennastarr said...

Wow!  That is a scary situation with the BP meds!  Did they give you the wrong ones, or what?  I didn't quite understand all that up there.  

I see Meg has the same kind of Santa Hat that you made for Garrett!  BTW.. the kids (Brian and Tracy) loved it!

If I don't talk to you before Christmas.. Have a good one, my friend!!

Love you

jlocorriere05 said...

I hope the meds are going to be OK now Chris, I have six different ones I take for high BP. I'm glad you got the free rotation for your tires and can get the radiator sorted next week. Megan and Grizzly look cute together! Have a great Christmas Chris and I hope the new year brings everything you wish for! Jeannette xx

jeadie05 said...

We get that situation with genetic meds here ,and they do differ however much the Docs say not Ihad a lot of experiance of that with my residents when Iwas at work ,loved the picture of Griz,Have a lovely Christmas all of you Jan xx

jeanno43 said...

I am so glad it is not just me.  My pharmacist never gives me the same prescriptions twice for diabetic or blood pressure treatments.  Every time we cash a prescription it is always a different make.  I know some do not work as well as others, I know by the way I feel.  I have had this conversation with my doctor who says I am talking rubbish.  All meds are made with the same ingredients and work just as well and it is my mind.  Now I definitely know it is not.  But what can you do.  Mike spoke to the pharmacist and asked that I be given the same ones every time.  Pharmacist says he has to take what he is sent from the warehouse.  Ho hum

midwestvintage said...

 the thing with the meds is some of my old patients will refuse to take a med because the one they take is pink or blue.  I try to explain it is the same med, just a different company but I really hate that.  I like that my older patients know and question their meds.  That is how they keep them straight.

 Love the pictures.  Merry Christmas


zoepaul6968 said...

from our house to yours hun,have a very merry christmas and a restful new year,and yes the UK pharmacies do change meds like its going out of fashion too,all the best love zoe xx

dwhee70041 said...

I love that picture of Grizzley.  We have holiday scarfs for our dogs.  Malcom shows hers off all the time, Milo is not happy with his.  Maybe next year I'll try to gather address from my j-land buddies.  Chris, I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year.

chat2missie said...

I love the picture of Grizzly and your daughter.  My pups got some new Christmas collars, so I suppose I'll try to get some pics of them dressed up for the holidays.  Have a good Friday.

astoriasand said...

Sorry about the meds,Happy to read your tyres wern't that bad.Like you say you can get this sorted after Christmas.Love your doggy picture it's brilliant.they do look good together LOL!!Have a wonderful time this Christmas Tace care.

princesssaurora said...

Man... I am so swamped!  Glad I am not alone either...

be well,

ps  I love your graphics

rdautumnsage said...

Wow, scary about the meds. I was just contemplating asking my doctor if I could do generic for a medication I'm on. Shelling out 120$ a month for one prescription catches up with you.. Now I'm wondering. I'll have to bring it up with him. Thanks for the warning. I know the stuff I'm on now, if I forget to take it at my normal time half way through the day I'm dizzy. Hmmm......not very Christmassy huh? LOL
Take care and have a wonderful one Chris. Your daughter is beautiful and looks great beside Grizzly. Love Ya Indigo

helloimkara said...

I think insurance and drug companies are the biggest scam that ever was!  Don't even get me started...  I hope you can find something that will work for you soon!  Love the pictures!!!  I would never be abl to get my dog to wear a hat!!!  Im so jealous haha!


rebuketheworld said...

yes, those generics usually dont work as well...weird that the company went out of business....Dont you love how our kids communicate with us,lol...Yes mom, I knew something was wrong,lol...Maybe its because we still have all the answers to them so why relay anything to us.....

It was nice to see a picture of your Megan....what a pretty lady....I havent even done my shopping yet...I just prefer being overwhelmed I guess,lol...good that your on the ball...It sure makes the season feel at ease that way.....I know this year has had its up and downs and I hope next year, is the loveliest one yet for you and your family....~Raven