Sunday, December 3, 2006

This and That

I've been meaning to share this with you.  As you can see, the picture was taken in October and sent to me soon after.  It came in an e-mail from Millie Millie'sMessings.  She was very worried because she makes her own cards, and she had used one of my tags for it.  Honestly, I was quite touched that she had used a tag of mine and made such a beautiful creation.  Isn't it lovely? 

Now, just a small comment about the tagging controversy going on.  Everybody who has a tag journal sets up certain rules, restrictions, whatever.  Some are stricter than others.  That is each person's right who makes graphics to do so.  Really, those who snag should respect the personal preferences of the creator. They are putting much time and effort into creating things, the least that should be done is to follow their rules.  I, myself, don't particularly care for setting rules and regulations with my tags.  I make them to be used and for fun.  LOL...ok, the resizing.  Yes, some resize them far better than others but really I and most others know what my tag looked like originally.  So, some may butcher it.  JMO, I make tags for the fun and pleasure of others.  Life is too short to get myself in an uproar over something that I created from the work of the talented artists who actually make the tubes we use.  All we who make tags do is use artists' work and put it together.

Nuff of that....I found out on Friday that my division was #1 in the country and was getting a pretty good sized bonus from our central office for it.  Naturally, I was only there for three months of the fiscal year so I was expecting it to be pro-rated.  Nope, I'm getting the full amount.  I was stunned and blessed...totally.  So, I had plans of what to do with the money; like maybe some neat gifts this year.  Well, Murphy's law applies to me always.  Joey took the Oldsmobile to get a hose replaced in the coolant system.  That's where the tranny fluid was leaking from.  $52 :)  I was doing a happy dance until the next phone call came from Joey. whole brakeline is rusted out totally and has to be replaced :(  So, there goes probably most of my bonus because the line is rusted into the calipers.  Joey is taking it Tues and helping at the old place he worked at which will save a tiny bit on labor.

My plumbing cost a total of $20 to fix.  It was a couple of washers that needed replaced on the whatevers going into the tub plus the labor for Randy to shop vac and clean most of the drain out for me.

I'm still on pins and needles with Megan.  She should find out the biopsy results on Tues although I sort of know the answers already.  I can't thank you enough for your continued prayers.

I haven't been to the basement since last night.  I would like to shut the door and never go down there again.  OCD but it's something I need to get over.  The basement needs a serious clean up.  I think I need to enlist the BF with this issue.  I've unloaded so much out of there but I really need to just get rid of way more.

So, I'm off to pay my Target bill, grocery shop; yuck, and buy some storage containers so I can get my summer clothes out of the cellar.  No more storing my clothes down there now.  I'm using my old bedroom as a huge walk-in closet for now.

Have a blessed Sunday!



astoriasand said...

The card is realy nice and yes what a lovely thing to do use your graphic.I am going over to my journal now to deleat the graphic of yours joy to the world which I did resize to put in my side bar.Sorry if I have offended you.I have read about this only in the last two days from other graphic makers.So once again sorry if I did something wrong,it was never intended to be a wrong doing I had no idea i was donig anything I shouldn't, but I am about to remove the three I used now.I do not often get as much chance to show my graphics I get from the makers as yourself.with it being a rhyme journal, as I do not make an entry everyday.So I just thought by putting one or two in my sidebar I was showing others your work Sorry once again.Have a lovely evening.

lisa41076 said...

Chris, Congrats on getting a bonus !!!!!!!!!!! Glad you got the plumbing taken care of, keeping Megan and you in my prayers, Hugs Lisa

lanurseprn said...

That card is so pretty!  I know that tag. I've got it and it's one of my absolute favorites that you've done!
Glad you got the plumbing fixed for such a great price!  Can't beat that!!  
Have a great day!

sugarsweet056 said...

Millie had sent me of those beautiful cards too, I showed it awhile back!
I only resize from my Tag Group & from you (as I've asked you before), I won't use any that don't look right! Wouldn't be fair to the artist.
TY for being so kind to all, you're a sweetie.
Hugs, Sug

siennastarr said...

I never resize anything that doesn't belong to me, and as you well know.. I have to ask YOU to resize for me, as I don't know how to do it! lol  I appreciate all the lovely graphics that you and so many others make for our enjoyment.  Yes, some are more strict about it, but I agree with you.. we should honor that.  It is their creation (so to speak).. :)

Went grocery shopping  yesterday... am having the kids over for dinner today.  Doing a Racheal Ray 30 minute meal thing on them.. hee  They will never know! :)

Have a good day today, my friend!  

Let me know what happens with Megan!

Love you

jeadie05 said...

Chris good luck to Megan ,with the results,hope you soon catch the beast in the basement  .good idea to keep your clothes in the spare room ,love Jan xx

queenb8261 said...

Keeping fingers crossed & prayers flying for Megan.  I hope your Mousie went out the way she came in.  I love that card.  So pretty.  Glad you got the bonus -even if you do have to use it for something not so fun.  We had to spend $800.00 in the past 10 days or so that we weren't planning on.   Now I think my ice maker has gone out.  I'm ADDICTED to crushed ice and diet coke.  Yikes. LOLOL  
Glad your plumbing was so reasonable. Do you think I could get your plumber to come to TX? LOL Last plumber I had charged 37 just for coming out.
Hope your weekend was a good un.
Hugs, Barb  

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Keeping Megan in my prayers!
That card is beautiful!  Just to think
part of it is something you created... =)
Congrats on the always happens
like that...get a raise, insurance goes up...get a
bonus....everything messes up with your house
or cars....<sigh>  Hope you have a good week!

jckfrstross said...

Praying for megan:) hope you get the car fixed:) have a good week:) and thank you for allowing me to snag your great tags


xxroxymamaxx said...

Oh my gosh, when it rains it pours!  About the car I mean.  Is that the new one you just got?  But God must have known and that is why you were meant to get that bonus money.  He does work in mysterious ways. lol  I'm like you with the graphics though, I don't really care what anyone does with them when I'm done.  It's like giving a gift and once given, it's out of your hands.  Good luck with the car and big hugs, Shelly

penniepooh said...

I can understand the tag thing and I try to respect everyone`s feelings about it. Then again, as you pointed out, tags are being made in most cases by a picture or artwork created by someone else in the first place. I love the tags that all you talented ladies make. It`s part of what makes our blogs fun and look pretty. :)
Prayers for Megan. xo

fuzilady said...

You and Megan both are in my thoughts and prayers

hugs and love

helloimkara said...

I do not deal well with drama so I avoid it like the plague and have just found my own graphics site which I LOVE.  I think you are nice to share and not get all worked up about it.  I can sort of unserstand as I make cards and have a lot of people "copy" my cards and ideas... but I always like that too as I just enjoy stamping and like to share that with others.  Congrats on your bonus!!!  At least now you will have the money to get what you need!!!  Prayers for Megan!!

Kara :)

chat2missie said...

The card Millie made is beautiful.  I would feel honored also if she used one of my tags on her cards.  Your right......we use tubes that others have made.  Thank god for that!  I couldn't imagine doing all that work! LOL  I'll be keeping my fingers crossed and Megan in my prayers for Tuesday.  Congrats on the bonus.  

princesssaurora said...

Continued prayers for Megan.... I hope you get the results soon!  

be well,

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Hugs!! love the looks lovely..someone did that with one of mine..I should have asked them share what it looked like...that would have been neat...I love ya girl...will be Praying for good news on the sure to let me know...I am so worried about her!  She is in our families prayers as well as you friend! Hugs,TerryAnn

shayshaydc said...

It's amazing how when you get a little extra money that there is always something that comes up to grab it!!!!! I would like to have some extra money JUST FOR ME!!!! It probably will never happen!!!!