Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A "Tornado" is Coming


Thank you, Terry Ann a girlnexdoor creation for the tagYep, my tornado is coming home tonight.  Joey just left to pick Megan up.  Life will just be one storm after another or maybe just a few.  I just never know.  We will be shuffling cars again.  Lord have mercy but I don't want her driving the new one.

Joey said I need new tires on the old car.  Grrr...they are BF Goodrich Control Plus and weren't cheap.  I got them last summer so on Saturday I have to go and complain about them.  There's only about 20,000 miles on them and they are generally just wearing out.  Sounds like I may need to take my BF as he "smoozes" with they guys at the tire place all the time. get to be bored by a bigger, better picture of my Christmas tree.  I spent two days super cleaning the diningroom and found my book for my camera.  I suppose it pays to read about the settings.  No shopping today for me as I really want this house organized.  I still had things from the closet in my family room shoved in a corner of the diningroom.  No more.  I threw three more bags of stuff out for the trash today.

So this is my pre-lit, skinny, Martha Stewart tree with white lights.  It's sort of growing on me, especially the part with no needles dropping.  Maybe I can adjust to these new-fangled artificial things.  I pine sol'd the basement today.  ROFL...there's that pine smell for Ms. Megan.  My prediction for her first words when she sees the tree are "Ewwww."  I'll let you know if I'm right but I think I will be.

Two more days of work.  I wish I had taken the rest of the week off but the phone has been ringing off the hook there, and it's only ringing right now in my area.  I'm just so impatient because I think of all the things I could be doing at home.

I have a new journal I'm reading.  I met her through my graphics journal.  Indigo is Cherokee and became deaf later in life.  She has a gentle spirit and has just acquired Pickles, a hearing dog for the deaf.  If you have a minute, stop by and welcome her to JLand.  Clicky----> Raven's Lament  And that is a day in my life in a nutshell.  Pushing into full gear for last minute preparations, which is the way I seem to work best.

Blessings to all and big hugs and smiles :)

  Chris  (Thanks, LJ for the dancing elf!)


jckfrstross said...

i love your tree:) have a good week :) look out the storm we have will come your way i am sure lol


penniepooh said...

I think the tree looks great and leave it to Grizz to make his way into the picture! :)
So Megan will be breezing in tonight huh? Get ready!

my78novata said...

ah I need to just spend all day tomrrow cleaning but I also need to do a journal entry GRRRRR

siennastarr said...

When I first got this alert, I thought, "Oh no!  There's a tornado coming... a REAL tornado!"  Only to get here, and find out it's the 2 legged kind! lol

Tree looks cute.  I have a Martha Stewart  tree too, but mine isn't skinny like that one.  I didn't know she made skinny trees?  At any rate.. it's a purty one! :)

Glad you will have all your kids home with you for Christmas! :)   What a blessing eh?  Tornadoes and all!! lol

Love you

lisa41076 said...

Chris, praying you get through the tornado safely , Hugs Lisa

chat2missie said...

I couldn't imagine what the tornado was.  Finding out it was Megan made me laugh.  My Nicci would be the same way.  I love your tree.  Have a good night.

tendernoggle said...


candlejmr said...

Hee hee...I thought you meant a REAL tornado too!!

That damn book that came with my camera.....yeah, I really need to read that too!!!!  (lol)


oxobagladyoxo said...

Ya have a great tree there.... I am getting jealous (don't think were gonna have a tree up). It's all good though. So are ya ready for Christmas?


astoriasand said...

I enjoyed reading about your last minute preperations and your tree has turned out well.Love the smell of pine.Sorry to read more expense maybe with the four wheels you travel about in, as we say instead of the car.Tyres are so expensive Grrrrrrrr Not to worry relax and enjoy, everything will come right in the end it always does.I am prettty tied up myself today with lots of things to do same as yourself and party night tonight,so anything goes with laughing kath LOL!!!!!! get ready for the Simple Rhyme of that later haaaaaa!! Have a lovely day if possible love the graphics and the dancing elf as you call it.Love your dolly at the side of the tree.You have done realy well God bless you.Tace Care God Bless.

jeanno43 said...

Well, I think your Christmas tree looks lovely.  Lol at the tornado coming, you had me worried for a moment.  Thanks for the link to the journal, I will check it out.

seraphoflove9001 said...

The tree is cute! :o) I thought you meant a REAL tornado! Whew! lol

lanurseprn said...

Your tree looks pretty to me!!  I really thought you meant a "real" tornado. I thought you were gonna "batten down the hatches" as they say LOL!
I'll go over and visit that new journal.  Thanks for your nice comments in my journal Chris.  You're a sweetie.

helloimkara said...

Well I happen to like your tree Chris!!!

Kara :)

jeadie05 said...

Yes I thought you was warning of a forthcoming tornado lol .your tree   is really lovely Jan xx

adaywithmary said...

Santa lives!!!! How cute.  ---Thanks, Mary

rdautumnsage said...

LMAO!! Very good description of the returning child. Sounds like mine in a nutshell, she is shut up in her room now , with her comp. shhhh!! It's quiet for the moment lol!! Huge,huge hugs to you Chris, when you said you where pimping out the link to my Journal, (I wasn't exactly sure what you meant. LOL) Thank You so much I love the interaction of people responding to events in your life. It's addicting isn't it!! From my spirit to yours stay safe and loved Indigo

jlocorriere05 said...

I hope you can get something done about your car tires Chris. I like your tree too! Wish someone would come and superclean my place! Have a great Christmas! Jeannette xx  

rebuketheworld said...

The picture of your tree looks like it should belong on a card or something... Your house has that look like you should smell homemade pie or bread every day....I love houses with wood walls....Your tree is lovely missy.....I will stop by the new journal you mentioned...thanks for sharing...~Raven