Friday, January 27, 2006

Better Days

Yesterday was a downer.  I think mainly because of my BF's remarks and critical attitude.  It kept going through my mind that in one breath he was saying how much we have gone through and endured together and in the next breath said something to the effect that because of our differences he could never live in the same household as me.  It was like a dagger to my heart and done on the phone because he was ill at home with a sinus infection.

I said nothing then or in the evening.  I said nothing on the bus.  In fact, I said nothing until lunch.  I've decided to think things through before I blurt things out....sort of a new attitude of decorum I've reached.

He took me to get to a sub shop for some great subs for lunch.  I had his spare keys for the car that needed the muffler repair (which is being done correctly at no cost).  I gave him the keys.  He said something about wondering when I was going to remember to give them back.  Of course, he was sick the day before, which was my response.  He said something about it being lunch already.  BINGO....I just smiled and asked him if he thought I was so disorganized that I would lose his spare keys.  ROFL...thought the boy was going to choke to death.  He turned beet red and absolutely gagged.  Sure did get my point.

Long story short....he spent the rest of the day kissing my keister.  I didn't act angry nor was I angry.  Must have been guilt kicking in for cruel words which weren't really meant.  He bought me a Steeler sweatshirt, a single rose and a little box of Roche chocolates at break time and brought them back...can we say guilt complex?

People often ask if we will ever marry?  I don't know.  We've both been on our own for over 10 years.  I've become quite independent.  Financially, it would be a lifesaver but that's not a reason for marriage.  He is the love of my soulmate.  I want him in my life for the rest of it....just not so sure about in my suggested a duplex when my kids are grown and gone.

I'm off to read journals.  I'm working OT again tomorrow because I need the money so I best get my old keister in gear.

Thank you all for your comments.  I see that many were very fussy when younger but have come to realize that we all need time to smell the roses.  The house will continue to get messy no matter what.  Love you all!



xxroxymamaxx said...

That is just the cutest graphic.  Sounds like you are doing better though.  Nothing like a good makeup! And a good keister kisser either. lol  Sounds like my man sometimes.  GBU, Shelly

shayshaydc said...

It FEELS SO GOOD when you can get your point across!!!!! LOL.... Glad you did!!!

jckfrstross said...

Men !!! sometimes they open mouth insert foot lol glad you are better:)


lv2trnscrb said...

Hugs to you, Chris. I admire you for not taking the "easy" road out and marrying someone because of how it will make life easier financially; but realizing how independent you both are. In the meantime, that was nice he did try to make it up to you with flowers and candy. At least he got that one right :)


pennietoonz said...

Cute cute graphic! The tongue can sure be a vicious weapon and it can sure cut deep. At least he felt bad and tried to make it up to you. I hope you have a wonderful day today. :0)
Love ya,

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Have a great weekend friend and enjoy the game.  GoodLuck.  Men, they should always make sure they have something in their mouths just so they don't stick their foot in it. lol.  Take care friend.  TerryAnn.

kdcutie26 said...

Well, I'm glad that he realized that what he said was wrong.  It was really good of you to not rub it in his face.  I tend to be the person that would rub it in someones face.  I need to learn from you sweet Chris.  Have a good night.