Thursday, January 12, 2006

Scatterbrain appears that things are returning to normal in my household, thankfully.

My mother always said I would lose my head if it wasn't attached.  Boy does she know me well.  I try to be organized but it just doesn't happen.

I now make sure when I get home that I put my car keys in a zippered area of my purse.  I have spent countless hours searching for keys because I tend to come in with an armload of groceries, etc. and just set the keys any old place.  I make sure now that I check before I go to bed to make sure that my keys are in my purse so that I don't run around like a chicken with my head cut off in the morning.

I did this last night.  The keys were right where they were supposed to be.  I also checked when I got up and put my coffee on this morning.  Again, there they were.  I went out to run the car for a bit and...guess keys weren't there.  I was a crazy person.  Was I imagining twice that I saw them?

Well, I missed my first bus and ended up driving the other car to the bus stop.  When I got to work my computer glasses (yep, I have a special prescription for my work area because even with my bi-focals with no line and variable lenses, I cannot focus on my whole cubicle) were not in my purse.  Boy, did I flip my lid.  I could focus on the computer but when I looked away, nothing was totally in focus.  Drove me absolutely nuts.  I felt like Mrs. Magoo all day.  I had to push my computer way back and looking at paperwork was a disaster plus I thought the glass case may have fallen out on the bus.

Long story glass case was on the family room coffee table...must have taken them out when I emptied my purse for the 10th time looking for the darned keys.  And.....the darned keys were in my purse the whole time.  They had slipped into a little pocket in the zippered section that I didn't even realize was there.  I found them at work.  And my purse is very small so there's only room for my wallet, cell phone and glass case plus a section in the front for my checkbook and the section in the back for my keys.  My BF downsized me for my birthday because I do tend to fill up the purse no matter what size it is.  We both agreed that a smaller one would help me to control my clutter.

LOL....that it does, but I still can't find things in it.  The good thing is though that today was just a normal day in the life of me and that makes me smile.....again.           CHRIS


lv2trnscrb said...

I'm so glad you are smiling again :)

I have to keep my keys up on the mantle - same place. I've gotten into the habit of doing that because if I don't - I won't remember where they are. I rarely carry a purse if I'm doing short distances (remember I work at home) so putting them in my purse wouldn't work. (yes, I do drive a lot without my license - yes, I know I can get a fine if I get caught)


pennietoonz said...

Chris...back to the normal crazy stuff. How nice! LOL
I am so not a morning person, so when I am working, I get everything ready the night before. And I learned the hard way that I need to carry a spare car key with me in my purse, always in the same place. Tomorrow will be better!

jckfrstross said...

lol i did lose my keys once what a diaster have a good friday


xxroxymamaxx said...

Well, your not the only one try to be organized too....but nobody else around here seems to want to be! When my daughter Cindi was really little, she would steal keys and hide them.  And she hid them well.  lol  Happy Friday the 13th!  If that's possible....and a full moon to boot.  GBU, Shelly

shayshaydc said...

If it helps any........ my organizational skills have gone out the window since I have gotten older!!!! lol.......... I mean...I put it has to be there!!!!! lol.......... if you get a chance and can do it...I would love to have that graphic of that girl with the name Sharon on it!! Please if you can!!!! Thanks!

chat2missie said...

Your entry had me laughing!!  I hope you have a better day.
Missie :)

bignewmanut said...

Hey does that girl have pink armpit hair or lolly pops stuck to her boobs, I can't tell.
Just wondering,