Monday, January 2, 2006

Excedrin Headache

I'm thinking I'm going to be opening a lemonade stand soon.  So much for my lovely little speech yesterday.  Can we say FRUSTRATION?  I'm certainly a child of the 60's who should still be living in the 60's or maybe 70's.

Becky came to install the DSL, which she did in minutes.  The instructions could have been in Japanese (right Jeff) for all the good it would have done me.  Sprint didn't send me all the connections I needed so off to Radio Shack we went.  Really, it was only a $3.00 purchase but I wouldn't have known I even needed these little jacks.  LOL...I still don't have DSL.  My order won't be coming through until Wed. even though I got the package.

My other car is acting up.  Sounds like the starter grinds when it starts and it's stalling out.  So, off to the shop it goes on Wed.  (The lemons keep getting tossed.)

We took a break and I took all three of my kids out to eat.  Joey rarely goes but did this time.  We went to an authentic Mexican restaurant.  The food is great; more than you can eat; and the price is downright inexpensive.  That was a shining light today.  We laughed and had a good time.

I came home and had Becky show me how to transfer the pictures onto my computer that were on the memory card.  They were all corrupted.  She tried using the camera cable and then the memory card itself.  Finally, the computer crapped out and restarted itself and the pictures all loaded except for one.

So, I decided to sign onto AOL and, of course, there was either no modem connection or dial tone.  There was a dial tone and a modem connection.  After fussing for a while and getting the internet withdrawal symptoms....big time....I followed the telephone cord thingy and noticed that it was plugged into the little phone box thingy and into the DSL box.  I took it out of the DSL box and looked behind my computer to see where it had to be inserted and voila......  Doesn't sound difficult but for me it was climbing a mountain.  Sheesh...all those cords plugged into the back of the computer.  LOL...give me an off and on switch.

I decided to use a melancholy, artsy graphic today even though that's really not me.  I just have a huge headache which should go away once the Advil kicks in.

We did manage to get a picture of Grizzly, our dog, with a lei around his neck.  Too cute but I have no energy to put it in my file manager right now.  Poor thing has cataracts so his eyes show up like shining stars on every pic we take of him and you can't edit it.

Take care everyone and have a great evening!




jckfrstross said...

take a buble bath it will make you feel better:) i no nothing about puters lol


shayshaydc said...

Chris I hope your headache goes away soon!!! Computers can be a pain in the wazoo!!! I recently had problems with my computer at work with the IP addresses..don't ask! I just about pulled my hair out!!! So I am like you...give me an on/off switch and a place to click that says....fix me.....and I will be a happy camper!!!! Hope tomorrow is better!!

pennietoonz said...

Computers are THE most frustrating things sometimes!!!!
That`s nice that you and all the kids went out to eat. Yummy.
Happy new year??

lv2trnscrb said...

Hope you had a margarita at the Mexican restaurant. Sounded like you needed one after all the computer problems. I'm so computer illiterate. I would be totally lost trying to figure out what you did today.


bignewmanut said...

Now you know were the saying "if its not broke don't fix it" came from, and now you have a head ache thats (                        this                                 ) big. Hope the advil helps,

xxroxymamaxx said...

I'll take some of that lemonade! lol  Hope your head feels better and you get your DSL up and going soon.  I'm sure your gonna love it.  GBU, Shelly

buggieboo1 said...

I tagged you! not sure if you want to play... I was never tagged before it was my first time!  
check it out!

lici0uslatin22 said...

hey.. sorry I have not been commenting lately..  w/all the Family issues and all.. I am trying to get back in track w/my journals...  Thank you so much for your comments they really do help...   TAKE CARE Mari

dwhee70041 said...

Chris, Give grizzley a big hug for me.  David