Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday Thoughts

My motto above....I'm not going to say much about work except for the fact that we had a quarterly team meeting with the director and management; sort of a regular thing where everyone voices gripes, concerns, etc.  Of course, it can get ugly because some folks do not think before they speak or care to.  And, of course, this was just after a promotion announcement where most of the people who were seeking promotion were in attendance.   All I will say about this is that I praise the Lord that Betty was online the other night and I also give praises to the Lord for the miracle of removing my anger.  Tension was thick.  I read faces and body language extremely well.  We all have to say something; that's a rule.  When questioned, we have to answer.  I prayed for the Lord to speak for me.  And He did put the words in my mouth.  I noticed looks of admiration and respect and heard later that management was impressed.  My final conclusion is I may not have won the job but I came out of this whole affair as the winner of dignity and respect and conducting myself with decorum and intelligence.  To me, I consider that the final prize.

Now to my daily concern.  Grizzly is having seizures again.  The other night I know he fell off my bed when I was online.  I heard a loud thud (he's well over 80 lbs.)  I ran upstairs.  He was a bit disoriented so it wasn't a major seizure.

I was at my BF's last night.  When I got home today, my Christmas tree stand (which I haven't taken to the basement yet) was dragged upside down into the kitchen and Grizzly's water bowl was missing.  I noticed later it got knocked down the basement steps.  These are the signs that I know he is seizing.

I increased his Phenobarb today and will call the vet tomorrow.  I've sort of had a battle with my vet over the dosage.  They started him two years ago on 200 mg a day which I thought was totally excessive.  50 mg a day has held him steady for two years.  We came to an agreement on this finally about a year ago.  What worries me so much is that Grizzly's litter mate, Princess, had to be put to sleep when she was 2 because of uncontrollable seizures.  It was heartbreaking to watch her suffer.  But I've had Grizzly far longer and can't bear to think of what I will feel if he suffers like Princess did. 

He doesn't react normally when he has a seizure.  He tries to get to one of us.  He won't lay still until it passes which is why things get knocked over.  It must have happened after Joey went to bed last night.  My poor Griz must have been trying to get upstairs to Joey.  Boy, this breaks my heart.

I'm praying and keeping my fingers crossed that the increase will do its trick.  Boy, don't these pets just creep into our hearts.......

LOL...and, of course, you cannot be born and bred in Pgh and not add this (even though I don't think the Steelers will win)......

Luv ya Black & Gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!



lv2trnscrb said...

WTG Chris for praying for the Lord to give you the words to say! That is awesome.

Sorry to hear about Grizzly's seizure problems. That has to be so scary to deal with.

I'm with you on the Steelers - hoping they pull it out.


jaycee0728 said...

Hey Chris, just wanted to stop by to show you my love. I miss your little comments on my journal(s). Oh by the way for now there is no Joyce's Blitz and Watch Out, so you can take if off your list if you like. Keep in touch, and I truly hope everything will work out with Grizzly. ~j~

pennietoonz said...

Hi Chris... I agree with this motto and I`m happy to hear that the final outcome was handled well. Then again, I knew you would handle it that way, with the help of the Good Lord!
So sorry to hear about poor Grizzly. I hope he gets back on track with the meds. I pray for pets too. :0)
Love ya sweetie....

jckfrstross said...

the steelers have to win!!!!! cause then denver plays at home:)


alphamoon65 said...

hey Chris....hope Grizzly's dosage changes him right around.  I love my Dakota so much, and we just went thru heart worm treatments a couple of months ago.  All clear now, but that was bad.  He now takes his HW meds I should have been doing in the first place.  I am a die hard browns fan, but I will be pulling for pittsburgh.  Take care

kdcutie26 said...

I am with ya on the whole pet thing.  My baby Tessa has seizures too, and it is really tough to watch.  Good job with the work thing Chris.  You are such a good lady and I love you for it.
Katie Jane

debbted said...

Ahhhhh---Prayers for Grizzley to be healed! ((((((Chris)))))))) I hate it when my dog is sick...Blessings, Sassy

shayshaydc said...

Yes pets do creep into our hearts!!! Chris I am proud of you!!!! I know not getting that job was upsetting to you and I think that you have handled it with dignity and respect!!!! You go girl!!!!

bgilmore725 said...

So sad about Grizzly. Even I had tears in my eyes reading about him, knowing how I feel about my own pets, if that were to happen to them, or anything that would make them suffer. It's not fair. It's never fair when animals or children or elderly are involved. The strong should help the weak. bea