Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dog Day Tues

Not the best picture coz my batteries were 3/4 dead.  Couldn't even edit too well.  Grizzly is awake.  This is part of my backyard.  We have about 1/4 of an acre of protected woods so the deer romp and the wildlife is beautiful.  Hope to get some pics of those.  That my Christmas tree in the backgound.

It's usually really pretty in the spring and summer because I dump all my wild flower clippings back there.  LOL...sometimes they grow far prettier in the woods than in my garden.  I just love looking out my backdoor to this.  What a difference from my former "burb" life.  It's definitely worth the commute to work.

The snow is really falling here.  Joey has a doctor's appt. at 2 in Pgh.  We are 50 miles north so we get snow although they may be getting freezing rain south of us.  Have to keep an eye on this.

Grizzly did get away from me....panic time because it was almost garbage pickup.  My baby is not the least bit street smart.  Used some old mama's reverse psychology on him.  Instead of chasing him, I walked away.  LOL..confused him, and he actually came running back.  This will only work a couple of times until the smarty catches on. 

I've gone back through my archives...wish I could find Grizzly's story but I can't.  Joey had begged me for a dog for a year after his father was out of the house.  No way....then friends of ours who own Big Griz, Grizzly's father, had puppies with a dog down the street.  Big Griz was a gentle giant so I agreed on the spot when Joey called me at work.  He was shocked.  Laura, Big Griz's mom and a dear friend from Pgh, called me a week later to ask me if I wanted to know Grizzly's bday.  Sure why not....goosebumps....March dad's bday.  Joey still insists that Grizzly is a gift from his beloved grandpa; surrogate father.  I have to agree.




thisismis72 said...

yew, i see why u call him grizzly

dwhee70041 said...

Chris,  Grizzly is so handsome!  He's a beautiful animal.  I keep dog treats in my pocket.  Whenever I want Milo to come to me, I simply put my had in my pocket.  David

chat2missie said...

Grizzly is a beautiful dog!  I love the name grizzly!!  
Missie :)

shayshaydc said...

Nice picture with Grizzly and the snow!!! Yea most of the time they out smart us!!! We may can trick them once but that's it!!! lol.........

lv2trnscrb said...

beautiful dog - and awesome where you live; it must be neat to see the deer!

Why do the dogs run off from us?? Don't they know what panic that causes us? I like your reverse psychology though. Wonder if it would work with Koda.


jaycee0728 said...

Interesting story about the birthday you know everything happens for a reason.....~j~

debbted said...

Ahh Chris~ Cute story. Thanks for playing. I'd like to see that wild flower patch!! Ted says to tell Griz he's jealous cuz we can't get any snow here--just dang cold rain! His thick fur just loves the cold weather! ;-) Sassy

xxroxymamaxx said...

He's so cute. And that story about him and his birthday gave me goosebumps.  GBU, Shelly

jckfrstross said...

what a smart doggie:) weird about his birthday


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I truely believe our loves ones send us messages in our day to day happenings and this sounds like a message of love for your son.   Take care Chris and have a great day!  TerryAnn.

trickeytricky said...

You are #2

Hi there! I found you over at Sharon's Drama. . . well I hope your Steelers do well in the Superbowl, no hard feelings . . . you know about the Bengals beating. :-P


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pennietoonz said...

Oh what a nice story about Grizzly.
I`m glad he followed you back ... I just hate that sinking feeling when they get loose.
Love ya,

lici0uslatin22 said...

Cute... and it sure is a Gift from him i bet..  {{{ he is Right}}}...  I want a Pug my self but then to think about that I have to feed him, Train him to go Potty, Take care of him, what about when we go out on vacation ho will Puggy Sit him Lol... ARGH Stressing...YOu Go GRizzly!!!!  Take care Mari