Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Dog Day Tues (A Day Late...LOL)

This is Grizzly, a 10 year old, mixed lab husky, who is definitely the King of this Castle and knows it.

He is on the couch with his favorite "blankie."  He won't go on the couch unless his blankie is up there.  If it isn't, he will drag it up there.  Once he gets on the couch, he "nests" in it meaning he pushes and pulls it until he gets it the way he wants it.

I've had to put vertical blinds in my window because he has to be able to look out the window, jumping on the back sofa pillow.  He's ruined all other window treatments I've tried out of frustration at not being able to see out of the window.

Griz's eyes are showing up as white nowadays in pics because of cataracts that so far don't cause any vision problems.

So, this is Grizzly shadow or velcro, as the vet calls him.  He follows me all over the house all the time even though he's technically Joey's dog.

(I'd best save this as I just lost a journal entry for the first time.  I got a pop up from AOL that says my registry or something is damaged so I have to reinstall AOL again....UGH...)



lv2trnscrb said...

Grizzly is so cute! Don't you just love all the things we do for these furry friends of ours?

I tried to post an entry yesterday for this, but Photobucket wouldn't let me upload any pictures, grrrr!!


pennietoonz said...

Awww, I am so glad you posted this picture of Grizzly. I love dogs, as you know.
How cute is he having his own blanket!  :0)

thisismis72 said...

pretty doggy

jckfrstross said...

awww what a cutie


shayshaydc said...

He is so cute Chris!!! Our dog Lexie was suppose to be our daughters dog...but you know how that goes...she is 21 with quite a social life..and left up to her Lexie would starve!!! Besides we kinda got attached!!! hehehe!!

thisismis72 said...

I'm tagging you, come see what for

xxroxymamaxx said...

He's so cute.  I love puppy dogs!  Thanks for sharing him with us.  GBU, Shelly

bignewmanut said...

Man oh man that dog sounds just like mine, the nesting thing, blinds and I even walk all over the house just to see how long she'll follow me. Jewl says I'm cruel but it is pretty funny.

debbted said...

Ahhh, Grizzly is so sweet. Thanks for playing. My Teddy Bear is 13; not sure about his eye sight, but I do notice he's a bit hard of hearing! Other than that he's still a pup full of energy! Blessings, Sassy