Sunday, January 8, 2006

Quiet Sunday

It's been a pretty quiet day around here.  Joey took Megan back to school in Pgh for me a while ago so it's very peaceful.

We had a major power surge this morning.  We seem to have a problem with the electricity on just one side of the house.  From what I gather, we have two branches that enter the house.  The one seems to surge for no particular reason at all.  Of course, the computer is on that line.  The power company was out last year and replaced the box.  It helped for a while but I have to call again.  Anyway, I have a back-up drive that Becky bought and installed but she failed to back anything up.  This morning she spent a good bit of the morning trying to guide me through this via IM (once I got the DSL up and running again as that went with the power also).  God bless the patience of that child.  She has truly matured.  She was a screaming, door-slamming typical 10-20 year old; worse than Megan.  What a difference a few years makes.

Well, I actually accomplished it...patting myself on the back....after she laughed at my confused old lady stuff.

I finally got the tree down, what was left of it...basically empty branches and Joey dragged it out to the woods in the back.

I had the roast in the crockpot ready at 2:00 so the kids could get to their respective places to watch the Steeler game.  That crockpot is a Godsend and the recipe from Shelly was out of this world.  I had to substitute Progresso Mushroom soup since it's gluten free, used a couple of Herb Ox cubes (also gluten free), and added some Red Robin seasoning....this one's a real keeper.  Megan loved the Progresso because the mushrooms were huge and she loves them.

I still have to do some laundry and, of course, play with my new addiction....PSP....and get myself mentally prepared for what may be a somewhat uncomfortable day at work tomorrow but the Lord is strengthening me each day.......I'm beginning to realize that the large increase in my income was my major consideration with this job and truly money is not helps but it shouldn't be the forethought of consideration......






lv2trnscrb said...

Roast in the crockpot. One of my favorite things to eat on a winter day for dinner! Enjoy.


jckfrstross said...

Yum yum dinner sounds so good:) God will open another door for you. Try and have a good day on Monday:)


bignewmanut said...

Keep a close eye on these surges and get a good surge protector with battery back up for your computer and you shouldn't have a problem with your computer. You'll spend a good $70 for a real good surge protector. Don't get those cheep little strips, they are worthless against a strong surge. And if anything happens to your computer the surge protection company will replace it.

shayshaydc said...

You will be in my prayers tomorrow as you go to work!!! Hang in there!!! Something better is bound to come along!! We will pray that it happens soon!!

xxroxymamaxx said...

Uh oh on the electricity!  May need a new panel.  Glad you got it running though.  And glad you liked the roast.  It's a big hit around here too.  Very creative with the gluten free substitutions! sounds like your getting really good at doing that! lol GBU, Shelly

thisismis72 said...

I got my tree down fianlly too.

pennietoonz said...

Boy oh boy,`s just been one thing after another at your house! I hope things mellow out a bit. My prayers are with you tomorrow at work. Money is a big consideration, I know....But my job before my illness got very stressful and I was wishing it wasn`t. I almost felt like quitting. Maybe at this point in your life, you`ll be better off without the extra stress.
I know it`s going to be uncomfortable, but try not to dwell on it.
Love and prayers to you....