Sunday, January 29, 2006


I'm not feeling lost but thought that graphic was so cute.  I went into my old graphics in my pictures because I'm sort of PSP'd out right now.  LOL....though actually sometimes I feel completely frustrated to I guess I am lost.

One thing that was bugging me was my side bar...yeah, the silly little small stuff.  I can't stand when my journal gets all out of whack so I had to redesign it....again.

AOL is not cooperating today...surprised?  I've noticed a lot of people having some big, big problems lately with mailboxes and losing things.  Knock on wood...I was lucky.  AOL popped up an autofix.  My file manager was totally uncooperative, which makes me, once again, consider photobucket but I'm the old dog that just hates new tricks.

I should organize my PSP graphic stuff into folders but hesitate because I lost a couple of folders recently.

Well, enough of that...Steeler frenzy has totally hit the "Burgh."  Vender's tents are popping up at every intersection and can't keep anything in stock.  Pgh is in severe financial difficulty so this is probably a very good thing for the City.  I now own two Steeler sweatshirts.  Never bought any because 1.  my son is superstitious and 2.  I just would rather spend my money on other clothes.  What a fan, hunh?  But it is exciting.  They had a pep rally Friday evening.  I didn't stay in town because I would have gotten home too late and had to work Sat. but over 30,000 people showed up at Heinz Field...amazing.

Now, my next frustration is the scavenger hunt.  I did have the perfect "mirror" but then I remembered that Becky scoffed it up last year.  I'm gonna be totally late on this one, Betty.

So, my last decision is dinner tonight and what to make.  I made stuffed peppers the other night which my son devoured.  Pgh is a treasure chest of ethnic cooking.  My dad was Czech and my MIL is also.  She makes stuffed cabbage with meatloaf mix, tomato sauce and sauerkraut...the Slovak version.  I never cared for my mother's with ground beef and tomato soup but fell in love with my MIL's (should say ex-MIL).  I make my stuffed peppers that way (my kids love peppers) on top of the stove.  The meat is so much softer when you use meatloaf mix.  The sauerkraut gives the sauce some zip.  I have to run to my Walmart Supercenter (lol, Deb and Penny coz they love Walmart).  Maybe something will strike me when I get there.  Yeah, like another Steeler shirt.  I'm actually in the mood for some homemade chicken noodle soup.  Joey will be happy with anything he can throw on the grill. 

These are my this and that tidbits for today.  Nothing extreme, which is good...just another day in the life....a quiet one.  Joey is back in Pgh visiting friends.  Boy, do I love these quiet times.

Take care all....I do have one graphic I made the other day.  I have such problems making cutsie ones.  But I'm working on it.....





dwhee70041 said...

Chris,  I love what you do with the graphics.  Soooo......Who should the people in Denver be cheering for next week?   LOL....I know better.  Best wishes to the Steelers!  David

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Once again I loved them both.  I am so stupid thinking the super bowl was this sunday. lol.  Forever it has been the sunday after my d-day.  Life and it's never ending changes. lol.  Yum,yum supper sounded good.  Stuffed peppers sond really good.  Take care friend.  TerryAnn.

shayshaydc said...

yea sometimes this aol journal drives me nuts... but I have to much going on to try and learn another program!! It drives me nuts that I can only add so much to my side bar but I have all that space at the bottom of it!!! What is with that aol!!! ugh!!!!!! oh well... I feel better now!!! lol..........

chat2missie said...

AOl drives me mad sometimes, but I would still never leave.  I've had juno, verizon, and I still have comcast.  I don't like any of them.  No service offers as much as AOL.

jckfrstross said...

yes AOL grrrrr.... but i would never leave LOL you do such good work on graphics quit being down on your self :P now chicken and noodles sound so good yum a dinner idea for this next week :) Have a good evening


lv2trnscrb said...

hopefully tomorrow's category for the scavenger hunt will be easier than the mirror one, Chris. Don't fret about this one.

I'm getting excited about the Steelers and I'm not even in the city where the team's from. Can't wait til next week!

My mom makes the stuffed cabbage with beef and tomato soup on top of the stove. I liked it; haven't had it in years.


pennietoonz said...

Chris...cute graphics and your sidebar looks great!
It`s nice you`re having a relaxing day. I`m thinking about what to have for dinner too. I know when I lived in NY and the Yankees were always winning it was so much fun... the city was I know the excitement you gotta be feeling in Pgh!! By the way, who are they gonna play?/ lol...not a big football fan here. I will root for the Steelers since they are close by. ( unless the other team has cuter players...ha ha ha just kiddin)
Love ya, deary  :0)

xxroxymamaxx said...

Hi Chris.  Your journal looks great!  Yeah, organizing psp files can be a tough job.  I have a folder for tubes, nametags, blank tags, backgrounds, accents,   And I remember when the Bucs went to the superbowl, those little tents were everywhere and that's all this town could talk about.  And we won, thank goodness.  Wishing your Steelers lots of luck this coming weekend.  Enjoy your quiet time, those are few and far between, right? GBU, Shelly

lici0uslatin22 said...

sounds Like a good dinner Ya had..  I am glad your Man apologized...
as always your Graphics are Great...  Take care Mari..