Sunday, January 22, 2006

Scavenger Hunt #58 - Warm & Fuzzy

GO STEELERS!!!!!   (Have to add that, you know)  Man, my hair was crazy well.  I don't know if you can see my warm and fuzzy kitty, Mocha, underneath her Steeler court jester hat.  She wasn't sitting very ladylike so Joey covered her "privates" with the hat.  And, of course, I have my warm and fuzzy black and gold hoodie on, which my son thinks is the kiss of death because he is so superstitious.

(Are ya ready for some football, Deb?  I do feel sorry for Denver folks.  To say Steel City fans are not very genteel is a huge understatement.)   LUV YA BLACK & GOLD!!!!!!!




pennietoonz said... neighbor has a huge inflatable Steelers football player in his front yard! lol
Cute pic
Love ya-

jaycee0728 said...

I can see your kitty, that was a good pic and your hair doesn't look that bad. Your Steelers but win today cause I hate Denver.........~j~

kdcutie26 said...

Chris you are so darn cute.  Is that the first pic of yourself that you have had on here?  It is the first that I have seen, but it has been awhile since I had been on.  I hope that your team does good.  I am not into football (unless I am getting free drinks at the bar for a Viking's Touchdown), so I will just root for who ever you do.
Katie Jane

lv2trnscrb said...

great picture, Chris!! thanks for playing; I'm checking journals at halftime. can you believe the score??????


jckfrstross said...



thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Ha!   I was having a bad hair day as well. lol  Been baby sitting and have  not got to watch any football today. TerryAnn.

shayshaydc said...

I think it is a good picture!!!

chat2missie said...

That pic of you and your cat is great!  Luv it!  I'm happy the Steelers won yesterday!!  I'm more of an eagles fan since we live outside Philly but if the Eagles can't do it, my next fav team is the Steelers.
Missie :)

xxroxymamaxx said...

Congratulations Chris on your Steelers win.  We'll be rooting for them here too.  Cute pic.  GBU, Shelly

robinngabster said...

What a great smile you have!

lici0uslatin22 said...

hey NICE PIC...  lOL...even though I dont have no preferences w/Teams because I dont watch Sports ....  GO Steelers Lol.. Take care Mari..

sylviam4000 said...

Your smile is so warm and welcoming.