Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Budding Career?

LOL...I'm a little on graphic overload right now so I went into my file manager and pulled up this wintry scene since it's snowing here today. (Definitely not mine; no animation for me yet.)

My budding me laugh.  I'm finding PSP to be a relaxing hobby.  At the encouragement of the wonderful Donna from "D's Designs," I started a public journal of my graphics about a month ago but didn't publicize it because I really didn't feel that I wanted to subject myself to ridicule.  I thought it would be a good thing to keep a log and watch for improvement, which would come with practice.  Somehow someone must have done a graphics search.  I'm being deluged with e-mails and alerts to actually tag them.

Last night I came home to at least a couple dozen.  Now, this would be easy except the first ones I made I had tagged for others and myself and didn't save the blanks.  Yikes, I had to actually remake some and then try to figure out the fonts I used.

Some promising news.....Joey is absolutely dying at Jiffy Lube.  He has been there 2 1/2 months, still vacuuming and adding oil occasionally and just about reaching the end of the rope with this job.  He received a voice mail message on his cell phone yesterday from a place that he applied for a job way back in the beginning of October.  It's a place that does total restoration to old Chevy's.  It was a job that he really wanted at the time but had been filled.  The guy called yesterday to see if he was still interested so he has an interview tomorrow morning.  Praying that this works out. 

He's at the chiropractor right now.  His back is always out.  I should have gone also because somehow I knocked my back out of whack and totally did it in moving folders around at work yesterday.  It's been about three years since I was adjusted.  I was always hesitant about chiropractors but this one I like.  He will adjust you twice.  If it doesn't hold, he sends people to the orthopods; plus will not even adjust someone he feels needs to see a doctor.

I'm off to take my doggy pic and to scan my pics for one I should have deleted.  LOL...that should be easy.  Take Care All!



thisismis72 said...

I am still very frustrated with it sttill but did get something made last night

chat2missie said...

I have PSP, but I haven't had the time that I can really sit down and fool around with it without any interuptions.  
Missie :)

dwhee70041 said...

Chris,  I love your graphics.  David

lv2trnscrb said...

Chris, that is so neat about Joey; hoping the job interview goes well! Matt would like something like that when he graduates.

What is the link to your journal with graphics? I'd love to see them.

I want to do PSP some day........


xxroxymamaxx said...

Yes, once you start making stuff....everybody wants it.  lol  But that's a compliment Chris.  Pace yourself though....or you won't enjoy it anymore.  Hope that interview goes well for Joey.  And I love that winter scene....just beautiful.  GBU, Shelly

kdcutie26 said...

Good luck to your son.  I know what it is like to have a job that is driving you crazy.  That will give him something to look forward to, and some hope.  I pray for him as well.  I love all the graphics that are in your journal.  I really do.  They are so pretty.  I will probably not be able to get my pics on the site until I get a new computer whenever that will be.
Katie Jane XXX

debbted said...

Chris~The price of fame! lol. Graphics are awesome and addictive. I save every single one of Donna's--heehee--can't help it. So far I'm so preoccupied with photography that I usually borrow others graphics but I would love to create them too! Prayers for Joey~Blessings, Sassy ;-)

lici0uslatin22 said...

I Hope your son gets the Job... I know how it is when someone is not happy @ what they are working for, Kind of hard..  Hey everyday More Graphics you have become the Master Lol...  Take Care Mari...

jckfrstross said...

Ok i want to this new journal please:)


pennietoonz said...

Chris...As always your journal is looking better and better. At least I`ll be able to say, " I knew her when..."
Prayers to Joey. This sounds like a job he might really enjoy!!
I`m hoping we all feel better SOON!!