Wednesday, December 28, 2005

2006....can you believe it?  Wow, it just seems like we were all anticipating the year 2000.  Where does time fly to?

Tomorrow Becky is coming up but I'll be working.  I wish she had told me sooner so I could have switched my day off.  She is going to back up my files and do some computer reconfiguring plus set up my disc for loading my pictures.  She told me to leave her a list but prioritze it...LOL...there isn't enough time in the day for her to do everything.  I need drivers downloaded off the internet for my two printers.  I haven't had a printer since I got this new computer in Oct. because I couldn't get my drivers. 

Thank you, Shelly, for the PSP 9 program and the patience for the download time.  I will have DSL by the end of the week.   Awesome program but I just click away.  I really need to learn to follow directions.  I'm struggling my way through the fonts but I actually managed to find the program, unzip it and save it to my desktop....a feat in itself...LOL

I swear I'm such a confused old lady when it comes to the simplist technical things but I'm slowly learning.  Next on here. Stay tuned all.  I'll be doing the photo and scavenger hunts....




jckfrstross said...

LOL learn good so you can teach me:)


helloimkara said...

Your graphics are just lovely Chris!!! Once your an old pro youll have to make me some hehehe :)


pennietoonz said...

Hi Chris.... Just got caught up on your journal. It looks great. I just KNEW you`d be back to doing your Hey, thanks for the kind words about me. Being in the hospital for Christmas wasn`t the greatest, but we made the best of it. Can`t wait to see some pictures on here!!!!
Love ya,

dwhee70041 said...

Chris, I love your graphics!  Happy New Year!  David

shayshaydc said...

Happy New Year Chris!!! As always I love your graphics and I look forward to them!! Keep em coming!!

gabreaelinfo said...

One of the things I hope to work on this coming New Year is my PSP skills, or lack of them.

Happy New Year!


debbted said...

Hi there, Chris & Happy New Year! I just stopped by due to Sharon's referral in her journal. Love your graphic for New Year's--ok to snag it and give you credit?
Blessings~Sassy ;-)