Monday, December 26, 2005

Shopping, PSP and Other Things

I got myself up very early today and hit Walmart, Target and K-Mart.  I got the tree for my livingroom at K-Mart.  It's a pre-lit one and still in the box.  I'm just putting it in the attic until next year.

I got home and my BF called and asked me if I wanted to go to the mall...need he ask...LOL?  Off we went.  I got a memory card for my camera at Radio Shack.  I just got the 256 MB because it was on sale for $20 and will hold about 130 pictures.  I still have to insert the disc so I can start downloading them on the computer but my mind is fried tonight.  Of course, it's fried because Shelly is being kind enough to IM me PSP 9.  I have PSP 7 on here now from her.  Since I have dial up, I think we're about 27% into this......Man, do I want DSL.  I have to start looking into it.  These download times just kill me.

My BF bought me a new coat and boots at the mall.  LOL...somehow I knew I would end up getting something.  We ate and I came home and couldn't avoid my computer, once again.  Anyhoo, I probably won't get around to many journals because I'm only slowing down the already turtle slow download but I'll be around tomorrow night when I get home from work.

Most of the graphics lately have been my own.  I'm keeping them up and watching for improvement. 

Next thing I have to learn is downloading my pictures and using the photobucket....oy brain is already spinning.  But I did actually put my own memory card in my camera.  I have to admit I'm a loss with any electronics.  My new clock radio blew my mind, and my kids still need to set my cell phone.

Take care and be patient with me.....I'll be visiting everybody soon.  (Whoo-hoo, Shelly...29%)



shayshaydc said...

Chris..dial up is very slow.... I could not believe how much faster DSL was... you really ought to look into it........ I don't think it's to expensive... we had 2 phone lines so we did away with one of them and added DSL for about the same cost!!! It is so fast!!!! Especially since you are doing so many graphics!!! You are doing such a good job too!!!!

xxroxymamaxx said...

Yeah, you wrote this at 9:50  and it's now....12:08....the download is at 49%! lol  I IMed it to my daughter the other day and it took about 10 minutes with DSL.  And ooohhhh new boots!  yay!  GBU, Shelly
P.S.  that graphic is very pretty.

jckfrstross said...

wow a new coat and boots:) love the graphic


helloimkara said...

You will surely be one busy lady hehehe :)

Kara :)

dwhee70041 said...

Chris,  WOW...You have been busy!  DSL is the way to go!  David

bignewmanut said...

I'd love to get faster internet but its just not possible right now. I'll have to just keep watching my life wither away waiting for these journals to

disneymomdeb said...

don't ya love the after x-mas sales?? I hated dial up when we had it. Makes you want to kick the crap out of the computer when it takes so long!!!