Sunday, December 11, 2005

70 Questions

Oh No, you say...not more questions...LOL.  I took this from Kara's journal because I thought the questions were different and sort of neat.  A nice break from my tree decorating which I might add is done....yippee.  I dumped the lifesavers and bought some teeny gold garland with burgandy/red stars on it.  Looks pretty and got some different lights this year.  Of course, I cannot distribute lights evenly at all and can't mess with the tree too much more because the needles are dropping.  No more Blue Spruces for me.  I must remember this next year when tree shopping.  I'd go artificial but I absolutely love the pine aroma from a live tree. 

1. DO YOU SNORE? -Yep.  If I'm on my back I can saw down a forest.

2. ARE YOU A LOVER OR A FIGHTER? -A lover and peacemaker but I don't allow people to walk all over me. 

3. WHAT'S YOUR WORST FEAR? - My children getting a terminal illnes or death of one of my children.

4. AS A KID, WERE YOU A LEGO MANIAC? - No.  Legos weren't around when I was a kid.  (LOL...showing my age.)

5. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF "REALITY" TV?- I'm addicted to American's Top Model and the Surreal Life.  And sometime Survivor....need I say more? 

6. DO YOU CHEW ON YOUR STRAWS? -Yep.                             
7. WERE YOU A CUTE BABY? - What baby isn't cute?  Of course I was...hehehehe                                                                  
8. IS THE SINGLE LIFE FOR YOU? -I love being single but having a BF who doesn't live me.  Weird but true.


10. DO YOU SING IN THE SHOWER? -No.  I take a  But I do sing in the car.

11. HAVE YOU EVER BUNGEE JUMPED? - NO!  I'm far too unlucky.  The cord would absolutely break.  I know it.

12. ANY SECRET TALENTS? - No.  If I had them, I would use them and share them.


14. IS JAY LENO FUNNY? -I prefer Conan who cracks me up.  Leno is ok.

15. CAN YOU SWIM? - yes.                                                           
16. HAVE YOU SEEN THE MOVIE "DONNIE DARKO"? - Hunh?                                                                                               
17. DO YOU GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE OZONE? - Nah...that's not on the top of my concern list.

18. HOW MANY LICKS DOES IT TAKE TO GET TO THE CENTER OF A TOOTSIE POP? - I crunch it all at once.  No licks for me.


20. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ON AN AIRPLANE? - Yep but I hate to fly.                                                                                       
21. ARE YOU AN ONLY CHILD? - No.  One older brother

22. DO YOU PREFER ELECTRIC OR MANUAL PENCIL SHARPENER? Pencils?  Haven't used a pencil in years.  Haven't used a pencil sharpener in years.

23. WHAT'S YOUR STAND ON HUNTING? - I don't mind it. As long as the meat gets used. Although I could never do it. (Kara's answer which I agree with although I abhor guns around the house.)                                                                                       
24. IS MARRIAGE IN YOUR FUTURE? - I'm not so sure about this.  Maybe when the kids are on their own and out of the house....who knows?

25. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? No way!                   
26. WHAT ARE YOU ALLERGIC TO? -some preservatives used in makeup.  I can only use Loreal, Lancombe and Clinique.

27. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SAID, "I LOVE YOU? - Every day to my children and my BF.

28. IS ELVIS STILL ALIVE? -Possibly....but I'm not a big Elvis fan.                                                                                                   
29. DO YOU CRY AT WEDDINGS? - I do.  I cry watching movies, listening to beautiful music, reading journal entries....I'm a

30. HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR EGGS? - Over easy.

31. ARE BLONDES DUMB? Shh...don't ever say that around my way are they dumb.

32. WHERE DOES THE OTHER SOCK END UP? -Probably in my computer with all my folders I lose.

33. WHAT TIME IS IT? -6:09 p.m.  EST                                      
34. DO YOU HAVE A NICKNAME? - Mom, Boss (my son calls me that), Bosko....many people call me that.                                   
35. IS MCDONALD'S DISGUSTING? -Yep.  Haven't been there in ages.

36. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WERE IN A CAR? - An hour ago when I went to Walmart.                                                   
37.DO YOU PREFER BATHS OR SHOWERS? - Baths...I absolutely love to soak away my aches and pains.

38. IS SANTA CLAUS REAL? - YES!                                            
39. DO YOU LIKE TO HAVE YOUR NECK KISSED? Yes...if it's my BF.                                                                                              
40. ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? Nope!                              
41. WHAT ARE YOU ADDICTED TO? My computer, my journal, graphics, and PSP.

42. CRUNCHY OR CREAMY PEANUT BUTTER? - Creamy!          
43. CAN YOU CRACK YOUR NECK? - Yep.  Every bone in my body cracks all by itself....age related?  LOL

44. HAVE YOU EVER RIDDEN IN AN AMBULANCE? Yes.  We were in a very serious car accident in 1991.

45. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU BRUSHED YOUR TEETH TODAY? - Once                                                                              
46. IS DRUG FREE THE WAY TO BE? - Illicit drugs?  Absolutely!

47. ARE YOU A HEAVY SLEEPER? - Sometimes.

48. WHAT COLOR ARE YOUR EYES? - Green.                            
50. DO YOU LIKE YOUR LIFE? - I love and treasure life.            
51. WHOSE IS BETTER? -Life?  No one's life is better.  We all live our own lives.                                                                             
52. ARE YOU PSYCHIC? - Psychic... no... but spiritally in tune.. yes.  (Taking this one from you also, Kara.)                                    
53. HAVE YOU READ "CATCHER IN THE RYE"? - Yes.  Many moons ago.

54. DO YOU PLAY ANY INSTRUMENTS? - I played the piano when I was a kid.                                                                             
55. HAVE U EVER STOLEN MONEY? -Yes.  When I was a teenager....didn't steal much money but it still bothers me.                                    
56. CAN YOU SNOWBOARD? - Nope.  Don't even want to.  I hate cold weather and snow.                                                           
57. DO YOU LIKE CAMPING? - Nope.  I'm far too into the comforts of life....                                                                            
58. DO U SNORT WHEN U LAUGH? - Always.                                                 
59. DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC? - No.                                      
60. ARE DOGS A MAN'S BEST FRIEND? - I think so.  I love my Grizzly even though he is a pain sometimes.

61. YOU BELIEVE IN DIVORCE? - Not really but it happens for various reasons and I don't judge.  I'm divorced because of abuse.

62. CAN YOU DO THE MOONWALK? - I cannot.                         
63. DO YOU MAKE A LOT OF MISTAKES? - Quite often.          
64. IS IT COLD OUTSIDE TODAY? -Cold and snowing again.

65. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? - A breakfast sandwich my boyfriend made me this morning.  Fried eggs, hame and cheese.  He's a great cook!

66. DO YOU WEAR NAIL POLISH? - LOL...I barely have any nails to polish.  No.  My nails are always breaking at work.

67. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KISSED? - Many times!                    
68. WHAT'S THE MOST ANNOYING TV COMMERCIAL? - Zoom, Zoom kid...Mazda and Can you hear me now...Verizon.         
69. DO YOU SHOP AT AMERICAN EAGLE? - Yes for my kids. No for myself because honestly I cannot fit into anything there. 
70. FAVORITE BAND AT THE MOMENT? - Outkast, but BB King is my all time favorite.

I really did enjoy doing this one.  Hope some of you try it.....


  Thanks Shelly for the great tag you made have my glitter and all now.


articwulf58368 said...

Love you answers. Thanks for sharing ~Brandie

lv2trnscrb said...

WTG on getting the tree up! Loved the snowman graphic and your answers; these are fun to read about in people's journals. I've never heard of the movie "Donnie Darko" either; wonder if it is some type of "cult" type of movie.


jckfrstross said...

Nice 70 questions:)


pennietoonz said...

Very insightful.  Loved it!  :)

xxroxymamaxx said...

I love this survey...I'm going to have to do it.  As for the movie...sounds like a porno.  lol  Ok, out of the gutter....Love that snowman graphic...especially the little homie up front and the cowboy in the middle! GBU, Shelly
P.S.  Your welcome for the tag.  I had a lot of requests on that one last year...I made so many...I could make it with my eyes closed.

lici0uslatin22 said...

well, Boyfriend making you BREAKFAST sounds to Romantic lol.. Cool answers..  take care Mari

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Loved ur list =)

bignewmanut said...

Very cool, I gotta think if I'm gonna do this one or not.

helloimkara said...

Chris that was so much fun to read your answers! That was a fun little quiz :)