Thursday, December 15, 2005





LOL...I'm lovin AOL tonight.  Can't get into my file manager, no text color but oh, well,  if it saves, I'll be happy.  (But, as Penny picked up, I just have to have my text color match my graphics.)

I just want to give Kara a BIG hug for starting the caroling around J-Land.  What fun it has been to explore new journals.  I just love looking at all the different graphics...surprise, surprise.  I'm sure I'll be making some return visits.  I met many of my current J-Land friends during Trick or Treat.

We were let out of work at 3 today because of a treachorous ice storm that turned into snow.  I couldn't get a bus home until 4.  Thank the Lord, the best bus driver was on that run.  I live 50 miles north of Pgh and the farther north we got; the worse the roads and weather got.  Tomorrow should be a treat getting into work.  All I have to do is slide down my windy hill, which I love doing...NOT.

Tomorrow, the tornado rolls in ...LOL...yep...Megan is coming home for a month.  Problems already with transportation....two cars; three people working different schedules.  Last year was so nice because the weather was mild; no snow until Feb.  Joey's Mustang wasn't stuck in our garage.

Joe has to pick her up tomorrow morning before he goes to work.  Of course, I'm extremely worried about how the road conditions will be.  I did mention to her tonight that she may have to wait until Saturday morning to come home.  That did not go over extremely well.  I guess she is working Sat. sometime.  I wasn't exactly sure what she was saying through the huffing and puffing.  Gotta love 19 year old girls.

I've got most of my decorating up.  I just haven't quite got all the boxes and things put away.  LOL...I'm sure I'll hear about this when Megan gets here.  My kids love to complain but don't seem so anxious to help remedy the problem. 

I had intentions of finishing the clean-up tonight but should have known that this is very hard to accomplish after 12 hours of being gone all day (actually 11 today, but who's counting). 

Hope all who went caroling and continue to enjoy themselves....    



jckfrstross said...



pennietoonz said...

LOL, Chris.... my "tornado" rolls in on Saturday. Your 19 year old sounds like MY 19 year old! I hope everyone gets  to where they`re going safely.
Jeff is really giving you a run for your money....he had some blue text going today!!

lv2trnscrb said...

be careful on the roads, Chris. They can be treacherous..........................


nsatiableone said...

"This Christmas" (I THINK THAT'S THE NAME OF IT) is my favorite !!

~~Hang all the mistletoe, I wanna get to know you better . . . THIS CHRISTMAS~~

I hope you and your family have a wonderfully blessed and enjoyable holiday !!

Peace & Blessings,
Ms Poochie

nsatiableone said...

OOps . . . I've gone caroling crazy lol. I got you twice PLUS with the wrong entry. Sorry babes . . . I'm just so IN to the Christmas spirit lol

Peace & Blessings,

alphamoon65 said...

Caroling through JLand  Happy holidays!
I love grandma got ran over by a reindeer...or silent night.
 peace and love

lici0uslatin22 said...


This caroling around is so fun Lol....  I gotta go get in more Journals Take care Mari..

disneymomdeb said...

Hope you have a great time visiting with Megan. We has some icy roads here too this a.m. I am so ready for spring and the smell of the fresh rain and flowers!!

pookyluvsu said...

I'm singing Silent Night...Merry Christmas


helloimkara said...

I too have been having so much fun visiting everyone and the new journals! We should sing a duet hehe. Be so carefull with driving on the ice! Very Scary!!

Kara :)

beckieramos said...

Hi! Nicw to meet you! Thansk for visiting my journal! hope all is well with you all. Be careful out in the weather you are getting. Wher do u live? My Dad lives in Michigan. I live in Missouri.
God bless, Beckie