Saturday, December 17, 2005

Strange Day


(Thanks to my dear Penny for finding this snowman she made me and sending it back to me so I could "gif" it and have the animations restored....)

Yesterday began on a frustrating note which set the tone for the whole day.  I should have known when my older car I drive got helplessly stuck in the snow which has formed into ice because of freezing rain when was leaving before 6 am to catch the bus.  We are the third house at the end of a lane (I call it a neighbors call it an alley because I'm in a neighborhood in a rural area.  What rural folks consider an alley is totally different from a suburbanite who fled the suburbs...)  There is a slope to reach the level part of the lane.  In the summer, there doesn't even appear to be a slope.  In the winter, it is a nightmare to get up this teensy upgrade.  I did manage to angle my car and hit the edge of the landscaping and then hit the edge of my neighbor's carport and  Now I still have to follow my old tracks or I'll be stuck in this icy mess.  I would need to employ a salt truck for mucho bucks to get through the six inches of snow covered ice....Oh well...that was my beginning of the day.

Our team (the govt has teams now, not units or sections) had our Christmas luncheon yesterday.  The guy who planned it is a dufus, big time.  Lunch was at 1:30 which had all the "girls" huffing and puffing to begin with.  We were famished and sort of PO'd because we knew the guy planning it was planning a liquid lunch for himself.   He left at 1 to make sure the buffet was set up at 1:30.  Uh..guess what...we got there at food.  Anger was definitely setting in among the "girls."  Then, came the worst offense.  The I am no prude and sometimes know the Lord wishes I was far more of a prude.  The barmaid had a denim shirt on unbuttoned to her belt with DDD implants literally falling out every time she bent over.  I mean we were totally outraged at this.  Cmon...a Christmas luncheon.  If I was totally shocked and outraged, you can only imagine the rest.  Then the "food" came out.  A small cheese tray, a tray with tuna fish and a few cold french fry wedges, a couple dozen chicken wings, a couple dozen fried zucchini and cauliflower, and a tray of nachos with melted cheese and olives on it.  The plates were dessert size.  We ate one of each thing coz that's all we could and walked out.  They guys continued their liquid lunch.  We went back and called our supervisor at home (she had furnace problems) and squealed like pigs.  She had generously paid for the "buffet" for the 20 some people on our team.  She's planning on paying a visit to the place Monday to see exactly what she paid for.

Then coming home an ice storm came through.  My 1 hr bus trip turned into a 3 hr ordeal.  Thank the Lord my BF was off yesterday.  He went to the Days Inn where I park and had to go into the Days Inn and get a bucket of warm water.  My car was literally frozen all over with a thick layer of ice.  I would have never been able to open it to even get in it.  He had gone out earlier and his truck was that way.  Of course, I had been filling him in all day on my escapades (especially the lunch fiasco) so he knew I would have probably sat down and cried when I got off the bus and couldn't get in my car.  I love him so much!  And, he said he would have said something to the owners about the waitress/barmaid.  Not all guys appreciate nudity at lunch.  Lord, I was afraid to eat the darned food.

Lighter note:  Megan is home and thinks the tree is too "pretty."  Hunh?  She wanted to know why I only put nice ornaments on and not the old, "ghetto" ones.  And where are the "ghetto" lifesavers?  Didn't I know that was the whole purpose of our family room tree?  Lose/lose situation all the time.



jckfrstross said...

You poor thing what a lunch! Some heads need to roll on that one. Its snowing here and real cold LOL about the tree go figure


dwhee70041 said...

Chris,  What a terrible lunch!  "You know what" is going to hit the fan on Monday.  Oh BTW, If guys wouldn't tip those kind of barmaids you probably wouldn't be subjected to DDD's. LOL......David

xxroxymamaxx said...

Sending a little sunshine your way....((O)).....does that look like the sun?? lol  Love the snowman...he's cute.  That was so sweet of your bf to do that for you and sorry about the ho ho ho barmaid! lol  GBU, Shelly

kdcutie26 said...

Hi Chris my love, long time no talk...sorry I haven't been reading much lately...just busy with the holidays and stuff like that.  I hate snow...and ice...and freezing is just all so rediculous.
Katie Jane

lv2trnscrb said...

Chris, loved the snowman! Sorry about your day yesterday; snow/ice is never fun. I would have been outraged over that lunch too!

Seems like you got a good BF!!!


pennietoonz said...

oh, tacky tacky tacky about the bar babe. She probably costs so much there was no money left for food! It`s bad enough ya gotta be there with co-workers least let the food be good! lol   I hope today was better for you, dear.

chevyz71gurl74 said...

What a lunch....sheesh
Hope u are having a good weekend

helloimkara said...

Man oh Man what a trully interesting lunch!!!

Kara :)