Wednesday, December 7, 2005


Kids, shaking my head....Little Miss Baby best hope she doesn't get coal in her stocking this year.

I went out and bought a Blue Spruce tree this year for the family room.  Not quite as large as usual but really pretty.   As soon as I got in the door, Megan was on the phone.  Great!  I told her I bought a Christmas tree.  Her response was:  "Oh, no!  Now, I'm gonna come home and see that tacky tree in the familyroom."   TACKY????  I was talking with no words coming out of my mouth.  TACKY????  Yep, tacky ornaments, tacky lifesaver candy garland (she has a point with that because we have never found anything we like to replace it) but tacky ornnaments...puhlease.  She goes shopping every year with me the day after Christmas.  We go to Hallmark, Target, little crafty gift shops, etc., and need I remind her she has chosen most of those "tacky" ornaments, which are not too inexepensive, to say the least, even half off.  I swear, we've spent a small fortune on ornaments.  Lord, my head was spinning.

My tree is still on the back deck.  We haven't gotten it up yet.  Boy, am I tempted to have a pine tree bonfire and go out and buy the "tackiest" artificial tree I can find and put some Dollar Store ornaments on it.  But I won't because I happen to love our tacky tree as does everyone else who comes here.

This child's nose goes farther in the air with every year of college.  She goes to a private college in Pgh and most of her friends are from very well off families.  They go way on vacations for Thanksgiving and have companies come in and professionally decorate their homes inside and out.  Takes the fun out of Christmas, I think.

The kicker was she was having a fit when I said I was replacing the articial tree in the livingroom.  I've had it three years and her and Joey crack up every time they go through the livingroom.  Now, she tells me she LOVES that tree.  It's adorable with the actual bark pole and the birds and nests on its.  Hunh?

I give up....they are just taking all the thrill out of all of this.  So, I say, blankety blank them.  It's my house and I'm doing it the way I want.

LOL...there is not enough Christmas music to calm this soul down today.  Think it's time to say a prayer.......




shayshaydc said...

It seems like kids never appreciate anything you do these days!!! Now if you had a tacky little tree and strung real money on it............I bet they'd love it!!! Think so??? You go girl and decorate it the way you want!!!!

jckfrstross said...

It is your house not hers so :p decorate it the way you want and please do put coal in her stocking lol


xxroxymamaxx said...

Yeah, I have one of those "kids" too. lol  I bet your tree is fabulous!  GBU, Shelly
P.S.  Thank you for being such a great friend.

pennietoonz said...

lol, Chris....what they liked last year, they are SOOOOO over this year! But then again, not always. ROFL.... who can keep up with these kids? Whatever you end up doing I`m sure it will look good. Great graphics.  :)

bignewmanut said...

Aren't kids great, there ability to change right in front of you is amazing, I think sometimes they do it just to get a rise out of you.

lv2trnscrb said...

Gotta love them, Chris. They are so cute (kids). They seem to go opposite of what we want them to do and opposite of what we think. I bet when you get that tree out and up to decorate, she'll be the first one there to help :)


lici0uslatin22 said...

LMAo..  Poor you.. She is Just trying to mess w/u..  As soon as you put that tree up, i bet she will love it..  AS I HOPE.. LOl..  BIRD NEST on a Tree LOL.. {Confused}..
Just Kidding, it is your house; your Tree; decorate it however your Xmas spirit please you to do..  

Take care Mari..

helloimkara said...

WOW Chris!  Sounds like a day of volunteering at a homeless shelter might help her realize how blessed she is and that most people worry about how to pay their bills, that luxury homes and vacations are the excpetion and not the rule.  It is a hard time of life when you are learning about the world around you and you see people that have so much and you start to think that is the norm. Don't worry though she has a good Mom and will be OK!  Enjoy your tree!!

Kara :)

P.S. Thanks so much for your nice comment! It brightened my day :)

kdcutie26 said...

I am sure that your tree is beautiful say the darndest things huh?  try to get a picture on here, and i will tell you if it is really tacky or not.
lol, katie jane