Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Charlie Brown is Back

I think I'm finding computers to be sooooooo frustrating.  I wish I had an in-house computer tech to guide me through all this.  And sometimes AOL is so skittsy that it's hard to tell if it's the computer, me or just AOL acting up.

I'm becoming so indecisive that everything is driving me crazy so I just do nothing or change my mind a million times like I just did right now.  LOL..Betty...Charlie Brown is gone because the graphic was so big it knocked my journal out of whack so I deleted it.  Well, I guess it's still up there for the time being.  I think that's what the comment was.   So I put this angel up but it will drive me crazy because the text isn't centered.  I have the same thing with a shadowed text but I made it way too big and don't feel like messing around and resizing it.

LOL...OCD....I went in this morning when my mind is at its "freshest" and resized the graphic.  So Charlie is back because my favorite Christmas special was on last night.

No PSP for me tonight.  I'm way too frustrated already.  But it wasn't a bad day or night all in all.  My BF's tv is dying so we went to look at the new one he is getting.  He wanted my opinion.

Big changes for him.  I have to laugh.  He was going to buy another 27" because he didn't want a bigger one.  Don't take me and ask my opinion.  I told him to go 32".  Well, darned if he isn't getting a 36" Sony Trinatron from Sears....I'm so jealous.  Not really.  He can afford it and it's a very, very nice tv.  I bought my toy, this new computer, so I'm happy with my 27" tv for now.

He's also apartment shopping.  He's looking at an apt. tomorrow in the new end of his complex.....really upgrading here.  Gas log fireplace, laundry unit, plush entities.  But he deserves some nice things.  He sacrificed so much after his divorce to put his kids through college even when they were far past the age of child support.  I love him for that.  My ex is just the opposite.  I just told him he best not be thinking of trading me in.

No tree up yet.  Tomorrow is the day to get my live tree and start getting some things up around the house.  This year I seem so far behind.

Anyway, I will feel much better when I start to get some decorations up.  The only problem is I really have to do some cleaning so I know I won't get everything done tomorrow that I want to.  And then I will be living with boxes sitting around for a few days until I finish....yikes.

                                                         Thanks, Penny...so true but does anyone have any idea why I receive graphics that are gifs in email but my computer will only save it as a bmp so there's no animation?  Arrrgghh!   




lv2trnscrb said...

cute!! I heard this special was on one of the channels tonight. Its one of my favorite Christmas movies.


shayshaydc said...

You sound like me Chris..I haven't gotten my tree up yet either! and computer problems...I've had them tonight!!! I also hate the way things appear in my journal!!! I can have it situated as I am editing and then when I put it in my journal it never comes out right and I have to edit it a bunch of times.... I bet everyone thinks I can never do it right the first time!  But why does it look one way while you are editing it and another after you place it in your journal???? Am I doing something wrong? (Probably) lol.... http://journals.aol.com/shayshaydc/Golfaholic

jckfrstross said...

I don't see charlie brown:( i love that christmas special


bignewmanut said...

A man who didn't want a bigger TV, you better check under the hood, he might not be a man....lol. Your grafics look great so quit your whinning....gotcha

lici0uslatin22 said...

lol.. aLL Your Graphics are wonderful.. but I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND WHY MINES ARE NOT SHOWING... :O( ** bUT Thank you anyways I love betty Boop..

Take care Mari..

disneymomdeb said...

The Charlie Brown Christmas special was on last night by us. Have fun putting up the tree and decorations. Put on some music and just have a good time.

helloimkara said...

Im affraid I am no help in the graphics department. I know how to use them and thats about it haha!


pennietoonz said...

I noticed the blinkie was not blinking.   $$#@(*^%$@_    I`m  usually a patient person, but not when it comes to computers. I can`t try to understand them like you. Too frustrating. Way to go, BF! Glad he is treating himself.