Thursday, December 8, 2005


I guess as you could all tell, I've been getting myself in a tizzy lately; sort of spiraling out of control.  Last night, I was talking to my BF and OCD'ing about everything (his term for my fussing).  He said I needed to let it go.  My tree is up but not decorated but most likely will be completely done by Sunday.  I simply don't have the time to do it right now.  I got home from work at 7:30 tonight and it's already 10.  Just not enough time in the day.  Working OT Saturday is also hindering me but necessary.  Made sense.  So, the world will not end if my house takes another few days to get decorated.  (I still have two more trees to go but they're artificial and I cheat with those...they aren't real large so I put them in the basement, fully decorated after drag them up and they're ready to go.)

Then early this morning I went to Kara's journal A Day With Kara and her thoughts only reinforced what I had sort of already concluded.  The true meaning of Christmas is not being frazzled and frustrated.  It's a celebration of the birth of our Lord.  All else is just a little bit of glitter and icing on the cake but not worth losing my perspective of what the season is really about.

Off to work I went.  I put my local radio station on that plays continuous Christmas music and settled my soul down.  Of course, I'm still fussing a little bit.  My live Blue Spruce in the family room seems to be dropping needles.  There are certain pines that drop needles faster than others and darned when I go to buy one can I remember which pines retain them longer.  I have to laugh because one year our tree had mainly stick branches left a couple days after Christmas because the needles had all fallen off.  The year before last, we didn't lose any.  LOL...I should write this stuff down when I find the right tree again. to the bird nests.  You can buy ornaments that are artificial little nests with little fake birds in them.  That's my livingroom tree.  My familyroom tree has all the cute ornaments on them

So, my heart is much calmer.  I will get to the attic Sunday and finish the tree.  I would have left it outside until Saturday but we are expecting some major snowfall tonight (anywhere from 4-10" depending on the course it takes).  I didn't want my tree sitting outside getting snow covered.

Christmas blessings to all my J-Land friends.  Thanks, Kara!  It seems the Lord is always leading me to the answers.......




lv2trnscrb said...

Amen, Chris. I am trying to keep Christ in Christmas this year and not stress out. Its been challenging but I'm doing okay with it. And focusing on why we celebrate Christmas. So I've been allowing people to go ahead of me in line; stopping and thanking clerks, things like that. I refuse to let the hustle and bustle of the season get to me and make me not focus on our Lord.


shayshaydc said...

yea I too read Kara's entry this morning.... it was good and just what I needed to hear this morning too!

bignewmanut said...

We got a christmas tree a couple of years ago that did actualy have a little birds nest in it. Jewl just could not stop talkiing about that. We even took it out and put it in a couple of other trees till it started falling apart.

jckfrstross said...

Yes sometimes we need to remember the true meaning of Christmas:)


pennietoonz said...

Chris, You are only one person who can only do so much! Just keep remembering Christmas is about Jesus and you`ll be okay.  :)
Love ya,

thisismis72 said...

I've had a ocd kind of day too.
it's ganna get better. Right?

xxroxymamaxx said...

Yes, He will lead us eventually to the sometimes we do get frazzled trying to find them.  I agree there.  Good luck on getting your decorating done.  I have my tree up but that is the only thing I have done for Christmas so far.  GBU, Shelly

helloimkara said...

Chris thank you so much! I am so glad to hear that I brightened your day. Means the world to me!

Big hugs!!!
Kara :)

lici0uslatin22 said...

OK, Got that Cleared up about the Bird Nest Lol..

Now why get stressed on Xmas, Like Kara and Penny said in there Journal, People just forget that Santa Claus is not the reason the Reason is Jesus birth..  and dont worry things will get by Fast as you look you will have a lot done, take things easy, a step @ a Time..  Take care Mari..