Thursday, October 6, 2005


Frustration....why am I frustrated?  I left the house at 6:45 a.m. and got home at 6:50 p.m.  I just wanted to sit down at the computer, check my mail, hit a message board, and then access my journal. 

My son was on the computer and not being cooperative.  It turned out he was applying for a couple of jobs on-line...acceptable.

I finally got my turn at the computer, checked my mail, posted on a message board (this will be a whole new entry...AOL message boards), and then decided to add to my journal.

I was forbidden access to it plus just about everything else but my mail.  Things like this drive me crazy.  Just try and find a number to call.  I couldn't access any help.  The solution, though, was simple...I restarted this crappy computer.

It was a normal day at work.  Tomorrow is payday, and I still have a substantial amount left in my checking account.  I figured I must have forgotten to pay a few bills.  Not so.  So, that means I have to get out my protective helmet and put it on because the steel-toed shoe is getting ready to fall.  It is always that way.

My youngest called to tell me she had a ride home from college.  She will be home at 3 tomorrow afternoon but wants to go back early Saturday.  I must admit I was scratching my head on that one.  What was the purpose of an 18 hour visit home?  What a testy child she is.  She needs a hair cut and food.  She has celiac disease, which is a total intolerance to wheat, rye, barley, and oats.  It attacks her small bowel and destroys it.  It has caused thyroid damage and osteoporosis.  She is 19 years old on Synthroid and huge calcium supplements plus a diet that is very hard to deal with.  After fussing and fuming, we worked things out.  She was diagnosed this past summer.  Finding wheat/gluten-free food is a nightmare and extemely expensive.  Dining out very difficult.  Her college provides her food she can eat, Thank God.  This is a life long diet.  Meeting with a dietician who is celiac was a tremendous help.

So, she will be home before I am.  Then I have to drive her back to school on Saturday.  She can't understand that I had worked my weekend schedule around taking her back to school Sunday.  What is the big deal, she says?  Some day she will understand that juggling a job, children, albeit grown, and a household is a feat in itself. 

Sometimes, most times, I long for a maid, to win the lottery, a dependable car, a lawn boy, a handy man, etc.  Trying to upkeep a house is a nightmare.  I know how to hammer a nail in the wall and use a screwdriver...oh, and also a plunger and drano.  Period.  I had critters in my attic.  YUCK!  I hate to trap critters.  It makes me want to throw up to gather crunched up critters.  This was the first year for that.

I hope and pray my boyfriend feels like going out tomorrow.  We've been together for many years.  He has his apartment.  I have my house.  It works.  I've been on my own so long now, I have no desire to have someone else in my house.  I love him to death.  He is good to me but there's this thing about answering to someone after you haven't had to.  Anyway, I am probably one of the rare 50 year old women that loves R&B and hip hop.  It just grew on me once my daughter started driving my car.  It was always on the radio.  So....tomorrow night, I want to kick up my heels, have a few drinks, dance on some tables....LOL...and feel alive again so I can deal with the rest of the weekend.  We shall see.  He is always tired on Friday nights.  I am tired but ready to rumble.  And then there is WWE wrestling now on Friday nights, which my son has decided that he loves to watch...again.  He got away from it for a long time.  It drives me totally crazy plus the fact that he feels the need to control the t.v. in the familyroom.

So, a day in the life of this single mom has proven to be frustrating.  I have a headache and still have to pack my lunch for tomorrow and do some laundry.  It's 9:30 already.

Screw it...I may hit the messageboard again although it appears that the play-offs for the World Series is draining the board of participants.

Oh, well....I can hear a warm bubble bath calling me.........



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