Monday, October 10, 2005


I'm absolutely croaking here.  I spent all day fussing with this new computer and now I go into my journal and the font is half the size that it was on my old computer.......sheesh.....I need my bifocals to read it.

This has been such a day.  I didn't have my son hook up the computer because I wanted a new computer stand.  I finally got tired of going to store after store.  I found one I really loved and, of course, it was about a foot too long for the space in my family room.  I could move it to the other side but then when Christmas comes, the computer has to fit in the space its in now.  So, I'm keeping the old stand until it crumbles to pieces.

I've had it.  I always say don't sweat the small stuff but it's these teensy things that totally drive me freakin nuts. 

My son then installed 9.0 on this thing but not the security edition I had on previously.  I couldn't download the virus protection from AOL because I had to remove all the virus protection that came with the new computer.  I finally removed the version he put in and installed the one I'm used to that does all that neat stuff for me.  I have to be the world's biggest computer dimwit in the world.

I finally got the AOL I wanted and the installation started and went all the way through a 30 minute download and then told me that I had to disable the pop up control and start over.....Lord have mercy.....I am literally ready to pull the hair out of my head, one strand at a time.

Now, I am going back and editing all my entries and then try the MacAfee download again.  I swear.....4 hours to download it and it still isn't in yet.


sherilynjaz said...

I enjoyed reading your journal (blog).  I plan to post to my blog journals such as yours with women in similar situations to my own to remind myself, and others, that we are not alone.  I'm looking forward to reading more in the future.
Thanks for sharing.

justaname4me2 said...

Thats the world of tech and computers and well, I'm not good at either thing! I feel your pain. Keep the spirit up, and keep typin!

kendra122762 said...

Hi! I found your post to your journal. Looks like your having some of the same problems I've had. At least you have the nerve to go ahead and start your journal. I haven't got that brave just yet. I have to get my son to do everything for me when it comes to the computer. He's got a laptop and I prefer using it alot more cause it's a heck of alot faster.
I'm glad I've found some women my age. I have 3 kids too.
You keep journaling now, it looks as if you are off to a good start. I will be back, I promise! *Kendra*