Sunday, October 16, 2005

OK So I'm Bored Silly

So my title says it I am again.  Not that there isn't a million and one things I could be doing.  I just choose not to do them.

My oldest daughter, the computer geek, just called.  Of course, I was going in the "back door" trying to pick her brain about clip art, downloads, etc. without actually letting her know why I wanted it.  So, the kid is tooooo smart.  She asked me why I would need clip reason, I said, except I thought it was cool. The shock reverberated right through our cell phones......Mom, she said, I don't believe're blogging, aren't you?  Of course not, I protested far too strongly.  I's not like I'm hiding bottles of booze around the house or anything. It's only blogging, for heaven's sake.  I assured her it wasn't public....yeah right...because (1) My kids know their lives would be an open book; and (2) I have absolutely zippo, nil, none, no desire for them to have access to my brain....who knows what they would do with that.  They are devious creatures.

Of course, my son knows about it....he lives here but could care less and knows I have no life.  Now, my oldest daughter, the mouth, knows it.  I'm sitting here waiting for my cell phone to ring again. I'm sure she speed-dialed my youngest, the brat, to let her know just what a life I don't have.  And, of course, the brat is the baby like I am in my family and is a chip off the old block. NOSY  She is most likely on AIM right now entering my brain even as I type....I can feel it....God Bless AOL for allowing the ability to access through AIM....Previously I could have never signed off of AOL and kept my journal private....from my three Musketeers anyway.........


bignewmanut said...

Just wanted to say hi and thank you for you thoughtfull response to my thanksgiving issues.

sherilynjaz said...

You have lots of friends out in cyberspace.