Thursday, October 13, 2005

Surviving the Message Boards

Aol provides numerous message boards.  I've frequented many of them.  Some for tips on home repairs....some current news...

I've been on a message board that has lasted well over two years.  The case is long over with.......discussions are mostly now on current topics...Hurricane Katrina, etc. whatever is happening in the news.  Most have traveled this road together the whole time.  It puts me in mind of Survivor on tv.  Alliances have been formed, tricks have been played, numerous SN's created by the same individual.  The characters on the board are sometimes more interesting than the actual topic.

I've met and retained some very close friends from this board...we are all female but that is where the road forks....we are from all over the U.S., all ages, some married, some divorced, grown children, small children, and all different ethnic persuasions.  We have learned so much from each other.  Overall, it's been an extremely positive experience until today.

I was home sick...again...and decided to check out the board.  There has been some debate about a certain poster who may be using multiple SN' is far too short to lose sleep over something this silly.  I made some inane comment and Jaws came rising out of the ocean and tried to eat me alive.

I was called every name in the book, including white racist, which cuts me deep into my inner being.  I do not live my life hating anyone or anything and certainly don't judge anyone for any reason.

This person has never actually been on this board, except on a couple occasions because of a friend who happens to be a regular.  I should have left it go but something deep inside made me respond, which only infuriated this poster more.  It was ugly. I only made a couple of responses because I don't deal with ugly.

The aftermath is calm now since all the body parts have been swept one was immune to the madness.

What have I learned....there is no dealing with an anger that penetrates one so deeply that they cannot stop themselves from digging themselves in so deep that the word insanity comes to mind.  What caused that's anyone's guess.  It's probably been brewing for a long time.  It certainly didn't come from anything I said.  It just exists......and rears its ugly head.....


kdcutie26 said...

I have had a similar experience.  I had a situation going on message boards and having people disagree with me because I liked a certain movie star.  They called me a lot of names, and to be honest I took it too heart.  It was over something so silly, but it really hurt.  Forget about it doll.  You are fabulous and I love reading your journal.  Just ignore the screen name from now on.  Remember you Rock and keep up the good entries.


sherilynjaz said...

I like the anonymity that the computer can provide.  It's something to hide behind if you want to let it all hang out, or a place to try out new thoughts and ideas.  One thing I don't like about it is that people find it too easy to treat people in ways they wouldn't treat them face to face (at least I hope so).  Stand up for what you believe in.  For everyone who disagrees there are many who agree.