Wednesday, October 5, 2005

The Beginning

Today is my mother's 86th birthday.   I'm sure she's enjoying it.  She's probably out with her lady friends, even as I write, eating and having a good old time.  How did I spend my day?  I work four ten hour days.  Today is my day off.  Did I sit around eating bon-bons?  No....I had the pleasure of taking my 9 year lab mix to the vet's for a check-up.  Fun, you say...NO.  He's a spazzo.  I had to pay $36 to have him sedated to cut his 2 inch talons for claws.  Now, not only do I have to finish my "chores," I have to watch over a 90 lb., half comatose dog.  The only thing I can think of right now is I'm glad I only have one dog.  I love him to death but how do people afford to take care of numerous pets.  I feel like I need to take a second mortgage for the vet's bill.  It didn't seem like they did much; a couple of vaccines; one vile of blood; a year's worth of Heartgard; and, of course, the sedative. 

I still have errands to run.  My Target bill is due today.  Why do I wait until the due date?  Because that is the way I do everything.

My youngest daughter, 19, is away at college.  A private college, no less, that has forced me once again to redo a home equity loan.  My oldest daughter is 24.  Thank God, she is done with college and living on her own.  My 22 year old son, God Bless him, is doing nothing right now.  His seasonal job ended.  He has taken college courses but didn't know what to continue taking so he is taking a break.  A Break?  And who supports him on this break?  There are some serious issues here.  He's only been unemployed two days but doesn't seem to care that his bank account is dwindling.  No college; no job; no need for a car is my theory.  So, come January, the Mustang will hit the cement blocks if he continue to habitate the recliner in the familyroom, clutching the remote.

Speaking of the "baby," who is majoring in crazy is this?  She has a student checking...$10 overdrafts...9 last month.  I put $200 in her account.  Yep, you guessed it.  It was 10 days at the most before the overdrafts began arriving in the mail.  She is coming home this weekend.  I'm breaking out in hives already.  Maybe she'll change her mind; fingers and toes crossed.

So, you ask why my hair is auburn with chunks of carmel, blonde and red foiled into it?  Because if I let the color grow out, I'm sure it would be totally gray by now.  I couldn't tell you if that is true because it's been colored way too long for me to even know but bet ya it's gray.

So, this was a very quiet day in my life.  I've had far worse.  When any day is too quiet; i.e. absolutely no mini-crises, I cringe because I just know the other shoe is ready to fall.....right on my head.

And yet, still, I laugh....continuously.  Maybe I've already gone insane or maybe it keeps me sane.  It sure beats crying.  Being responsible solely for three children for over 10 years now has taken its toll.  What toll it's taken, I have absolutely no idea....LOL....check back 10 years from now.......

Toodles and talk to you tomorrow...I just love talking; to myself; to the store clerks; the Verizon customer service rep; the AAA guy; the leg on my get the picture.


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