Sunday, October 9, 2005

A New Computer

Funny how things seem to work out.  My boyfriend has redeemed himself, as I figured he would.  We haven't been together for over 12 years to let something ridiculous end it.

It was time to buckle down today and finally make a decision about a new computer.  This one is almost dead.  The monitor lost its color a month ago to add insult to injury.  Everything is various shades of blue, yellow and black.

I got my oldest daughter to e-mail me the specs she thought I would need.  I've looked at so many computers and was becoming more confused daily.  Of course, the sales people wanted to sell me a computer that could do anything and everything.  I ended up buying an E-machine; mid-grade, as I would refer to it.  Not the cheapest; not the best but far better than my old HP.   LOL...I'm still running windows 98.

My son is chomping at the bit to set it up.  Hold the horses....I need to back-up some files on discs. I suggested that he should back up his pictures from his digital camera, as he lost quite a few in the first crash.  I had to restore my computer this summer because it totally crashed and lost many things that I wish I had backed up.  Maybe now I can start personalizing this journal.

No work tomorrow so I'm going out tonight.  We shall see what happens with my "old man."


joycemari81 said...

Glad to hear you and your boyfriend didn't let something get in the way of all that you shared in the past 12 years. Congrats on the new pc, good luck with it, and I hope you get your moneys worth. Hope you had a nice night out....~j~

kendra122762 said...

Yeah, let us know how your night out went! Hope you have fun!!!