Thursday, October 27, 2005

OCD'ing Still I'm a dork and still suffering from OCD...but I'm acting like some crazy person when I have to go to the basement.  There are so many people with so many problems, and I fuss over this....

I've always hated going to my basement anyway.  The house is 90 some years old and we have always referred to the basement as the dungeon or the basement from hell.  I have to run a dehumidifier to keep the mildew away.  It's just gross and dark in a lot of spots.  I have far too much junk in it because I moved a lot of things from my attic when it had critters to the basement.  Now, I really want to avoid the basement.  I feel so stupid and silly.  I had to do laundry tonite and armed myself with a flashlight.  God forbid I step on a dead critter.  And where is my cat? Not in the basement tonight. Get down there, Mocha, and do your job...just don't be hiding them anywhere or bringing them upstairs.

I have a decorative pond in my front yard.  The moles were committing suicide in it all summer.  I finally got used to fishing them out with my pool skimmer but they weren't in my house, and there was no element of surprise.

I always complained about the stray cats around our house and we've always had a neighbor that lets their cat out all the time.  They were always congregating around my house.  The last one disappeared in the spring.  And that's when my critter problems began. what you wish for.....

I swear, I promise I will stop and move on to something else...just put up with me for a day or two.  Now, this is one time I wish I had a man around the house

I have to totally pull myself together and clean out that basement Saturday.  Actually makes me sick to my stomach to think of it.  Lord, if I go to open a box or grab something and touch a dead mouse, I'll flip.  Maybe I need hypnosis.


pennietoonz said...

Can`t say that I blame you. I`m a total chicken when it comes to that stuff.

kdcutie26 said...

Trust have every right to be discusted.  I will pray for no critters (dead or alive). May your Saturday be filled with peace.  ;)
Katie Jane

thisismis72 said...

I have a story for ya, when we first moved into this house it was a mess, we had to redo everything, when pulling the kitchen cabinets out (feeling all She Ra and all) to put in a new floor, well under the cabinet was a huge collection of fuzz dust hair and crude it was a mouse home it was horrible.  almost as bad as the day I came back from being away a week to camp and someone (worker) had left chicken in a KFC bucket in the kitchen, luckily that was before the ceramic tile was down and I poured about 3 bottles of bleach on the floor before i would even think of going back in there to do anything else, funny I was getting rid of the old floor but couldn't do anything in there cuz I was so grossed out.  
luckly I haven't seen a mouse or the other nasty bugs since.

sherilynjaz said...

You're just brave enough to tell it like it is.  Everyone has something they're afraid of, even if they aren't willing to admit to themselves or others.