Saturday, October 8, 2005

Dogging My EX

All is said and done and blown over with my boyfriend.  God only knows what caused this explosion.

I see ex's are a major topic of journals.  I would like to add the hatchet to mine.

1.  We were married for 18 years; 11 of which he was a verbally abusive, out of control alcoholic.  He put a knife to my neck and was put out of the house on a PFA.

2.  He paid child support at a very good rate for three years because I set the amount at the PFA hearing.  He didn't know he could quit paying it after 90 days and I would have to apply.

3.  He stopped paying three years later when my oldest daughter turned 18.  I then took him to court and got half of what I was getting.

4.  As each child turned 18, he had me in court almost the day they turned 18 to have it reduced.

5.  He hasn't contributed a cent toward their college education or otherwise, since.  He said the state says they are adults at 18......yeah, right.

6.  He is remarried to an attorney and lives extremely well.  Would it hurt him to give his children some money for books or college expenses?

7.  The kids could care less if he fell off the face of the earth.  His mother and sister feel the same way.  My "ex" in-laws are wonderful to my children.  How did this man come from the same family?

8.  He did promise my 19 year old daughter that he would give her money for books.  He sent her $20 last week.

9.  He and his wife take at least three vacations a year; a cruise, two weeks in Fla. and two weeks in Vegas and Arizona were the trips of choice this year.  They have a condo in Marco Island, Fla.  Have the children ever seen it?  Of course not.  I even offered the air fare.

10.  He bought out his share of our old house when we divorced.  I moved and bought a new house.  The kids bedrooms are is a sitting room and the other is a walk=in closet for his new wife.  They have to stay with other relatives when they go back at Christmas Eve for church and their grandma's celebration.

11.  He seems to forget the day they were born.  He will call and wish them a happy birthday anywhere from the next day to a week after it.

12.  My son had his gall bladder removed two years ago.  He called to wish him good luck but couldn't make it to the hospital.

13.  He charges my oldest daughter to fix her car...can you really believe that one?

I've come to expect nothing from him.  His reasoning for the longest time was that the pitiful little child support I got covered all the children's endeavors.  In actuality, it paid the grocery bill for the month and maybe half of the electricity.

I've gotten over the rage I felt at times.  This is totally his loss.  He has three wonderful children and has totally blown it.  They really have nothing to do with him except when their grandmother has family gatherings.  He will someday be a very lonely old man.  It couldn't happen to a more deserving person.


joycemari81 said...

I'm so sorry that you went through so much with him, but it is true the day well come when he will be the one needing help.  Just wanted to let you know that I have placed you on my list and you can feel free to place me on yours. ~j~

kendra122762 said...

You are so right about your ex. The time will come for him when he will need someone and you're probably right...he'll die a very lonely old man.
You must have alot of patience. I admire you!
I'm also learning so much already, thanks!

thisismis72 said...

I can't believe how some men act.  How can they treat children like this.  but still that chain grows and grows.  and soon all that is left for those people is the weight from all the chains.

buggieboo1 said...

WOW I wish # 7 my X our laws as I call them are just like him, BUT boy were they able to hide theri true colors before the I do's I never dreamed in a million years my X would do what he did! AND then for the out laws to not even call here to see how their grandkids are... it's been 4 years, for all they know we could be dead!
You are lucky to have such nice ex in laws...

buggieboo1 said...

that our laws was suppose to read OUT not our... didn't notice until I hit the send!