Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Do You Want to be a Millionaire?

Powerball fever has reached Pa. $250 some million and it's not until tomorrow night.  Everybody is lining up for their big chance to end the grueling life of too much work and not enough play.

Of course, it was the topic of conversation today at work, along with the Steeler game last night.  I had to think about this a little bit.  Say I bought a ticket and was a single winner.  What in the world would I do with $250 million dollars?  It would upset my entire universe.  Now, don't get me wrong, I would love to win a million or two.  But....$250 million....I'm not so sure about that.

How in the world would this affect my children?  What possible goals would they strive to obtain?  They would certainly never need to work another day in their lives......and then what?  How many "things" can you buy?

I watched a show on Discovery about mega million dollar lottery winners a while ago.  The one guy won well over $100 million.  He collected $75,000 in interest daily on it.  He had every toy, art pieces, homes, boats, cars, etc. that one could imagine.  If he spent $200,000 one day on some new toy, he would just wait 3 or 4 days before he purchased anything else so the money would build back up again.

I'm not sure I would be one bit happy.  Overkill, overexcessive....these are two words that come to mind in relation to mega bucks.

I would love to win money....enough money to buy a new house; a new, dependable car; pay off my childrens' college educations; hire a maid (Most Definitely hire a maid); and, invest in a comfortable retirement.  Beyond that, I can't even fathom that amount of money.

LOL.....I don't think this is anything I have to worry about.  I haven't even bought a ticket because I have, in the past, and usually don't even have one number.  Basically, I have donated to the winner(s).   I don't plan to buy one this time but then again.........................




kdcutie26 said...

Hi.  I think that your journal is fantastic.  I will add it to my list.  My boyfriend is all about the lottery too.  I think that if I won that much money, I would split it up with my loved ones to help pay off their bills and their kid's college, and get them into wonderful homes to raise their children.  What do you think?  250 mil is a lot of money, but there are so many people out there that would faint over $1000.  I guess I would just spread the love around.  Keep journaling.  I love it. Katie Jane

trueredhead1966 said...

Back in the '80's at the hospital where I worked, ten of us would give $1 to buy ten lottery tickets when the one lottery game got into some big money.  Never thought I'd win but I would give my dollar.  The cut-off was always at ten people.  Turns out that one of our tickets had six of the seven winning numbers so we won $4,000.  Yeah, we had to split that money ten ways but that $400 went to help buy my first new car.  It was exciting to win just that amount.  I can't imagine winning $250+ million.  Overkill is a good word.  

sherilynjaz said...

I agree that winning the Powerball would be as much of a burden as it would a reward, but I have to admit I did buy a ticket for tonight.  Not that I expect to win (LOL), of course as my dad insists that he has the winning ticket.  It is his birthday so maybe that would be fitting.  We have talked at work too about what we would do if we won .  Our conversation got around to all the people who would come to you with their down on their luck or other such story.  We decided that although we would feel very bad about not being able to help everyone who needed it as there are certainly many deserving people who need the money, I would try to give to charity and hope that people can find other means of assistance.  Anyway... if I were to win I would be much happier if it was a smaller amount to make my life easier, not harder...anyway...like the journal.