Sunday, November 27, 2005

Another Celebration

Another celebration in the Day of the Life.  Yesterday Becky arrived at my house with a stray cat in a carrier than an ex-boyfriend has given her to keep until she can find it a home.  For six weeks now, she has been trying to convince me that I need another sweet little

My dog is 9 and Mocha is 6.  They barely tolerate each other, let alone a hotshot little one coming into the midst.  Poor little Squeaks was traumatized.  Mocha evilly hissed at him.  Grizzly behaved but only because Joey and I were standing guard.  So much for my decorations and tree yesterday.  We barely made it to Walmart and back.  Poor Mama Becky was totaly distraught because her cat was in the carrier behind our bar in the familyroom for safety's sake.

She did stay long enough to discuss my tree dilemma.  My tree in the livingroom for the past couple of years has been one of those really skinny ones with the tree bark up the middle and thin branches.  It looks like I could have picked it out of the woods right behind us.  I have birds, snow and white lights on it.  That will go in the livingroom for one more year.  It's getting just a bit ratty but I should be able to ressurrect it one more time.  Besides that, my livingroom theme is country/eclectic with lots of cute and unique plush snowmen.  I buy a new, unique one every year.

I'm buying a new tree after Christmas.  This will go in my diningroom.  I'm planning on having a new patio door installed in the next few months.  My diningroom has a religious theme so that's what the tree will be.  It will look beautiful through the patio door, once I get one that is not totally fogged.

I'm waiting until Wed. when I'm off to do the livingroom.  I don't want to be rushed.  My live tree will be bought probably around the second week of December.  I'm a bit nervous about my keepsake ornaments in the attic because there was a critter up there this past spring.  But, if they are ruined, it's only material and can be replaced.  Of course....LOL...not without some OCD crying on my part but I'll get over it.

And, yes, there will be pictures.  Joey has a digital camera.  He needs a new battery for it.

So, off I go to give Miss Megan a shove to get her stuff for school packed before we go to my BF's for another feast.  BTW:  Jeff, he did invite me over yesterday evening to "help" him out.  Nice nite....he's the best BF!          


Hoping you're all starting to feel the warmth of the season.....chris                                                           


pennietoonz said...

I`m glad you have a great BF. I want one!!!
Your house must look lovely once you get all this decorating done. :)
Love ya,

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Awww...I can't wait to see the
pics of your home all decked out for sounds beautiful...
I am trying to get in the christmas spirit....
slowly but surely...i finally started my shopping last
night...i am so

lv2trnscrb said...

I like the idea of a religious theme tree. have fun decorating when you get a chance to do it. I think we aer putting up our tree and decorating tonight.


jckfrstross said...

Hope you get your decorations up soon:)


joycemari81 said...

Oh your house it going to look so beautiful.......I just love the feel of a home during the holidays.....~j~

bignewmanut said...

Sounds like with the addition of a few more trees you could do Xmas around the world and start charging for it. Glad to see you were able to help...wink, wink... your BF out. Hope you had

xxroxymamaxx said...

Good luck to your daughter finding that kitten a home.  I have a few kittens myself...I put a sign up at the local feed store.  Hope to get some calls.  Your house decorating sounds wonderful and fun.  We are going to wait until this coming weekend to put ours up.  I told my husband I wanted a light up nativity for the front yard.  Hope you have a super fantastic week!  GBU, Shelly