Saturday, November 26, 2005


The first of my "celebration" entries taken from Missy's journal.  (LOL...the little elf at the top is smiling...not gonna be me when half of the light strands don't work.)


1. Do you already have your Christmas tree up? If so when did you put it up? If not when will you put it up?

I absolutely love the Christmas season and Christmas decorations.  Such warmth it exudes in the house.  Actually, I put up three trees (would be four but the previous owner installed a humidified patio door in my diningroom.  As soon as I get a new door, this will be another place for a beautiful tree.)  At least two will go up this weekend.

2. Do you have any particular theme when it comes to decorating your tree? Maybe you do all Disney ornaments? Only blue lights?  Tell us how you decorate your tree. Kudos if you have a picture and post it. life so I have themes for each room.  My sunporch has a small tree with blue and white lights with angels.  My livingroom previously was white lights with snowmen but may change this year.  My familyroom is a 10ft. live tree  with all our old favorite keepsakes and new favorites.  Sorry, no kudo's for me this year.   (Maybe Santa will finally buy me a digital camera and someone will teach this techno whiz how to use it.)

3.  What is your all time favorite ornament? Only one.  Kudos again if you have a picture and post it.

I'm not even sure there is a favorite.  I seem to have an attachment to all the one's that go in the familyroom.

4. How many stockings do you hang and are any of them for pets? And...where do you hang them?  (Not everyone has a fireplace)

We have six..handknitted by my for me, three for each for Grizzly, the dog; and one for Mocha, the cat.  But no mantle in this 90 year old house.  Can you imagine that?  So, they hang on the old woodwork stair railing.

5.  Tell us about one of your Christmas traditions.

Traditions have changed so much post divorce but my children still get to spend Christmas Eve with the in-laws, which is a beautiful family experience that I sorely miss.  There is a huge feast and much love and gifts.  I miss my in-laws more than I would have imagined.  I spend Christmas Eve now with my mother and brother and wife but I still go to the church service at our old church with my children.  I simply will not give that up.


                  know this will be a download nightmare....but I'd love to see the rest of you do these those traditions!     


bignewmanut said...

I'm hoping for a digital camera too, we'll learn together.

lv2trnscrb said...

Loved the graphics and the electrical cord at the end; very clever! How neat to have handknitted stockings! My mom made stockings out of kits; felt ones. She made one for us three kids, then for our spouses as we married, then our kids and I think perhaps now even for her great-grandchildren.

thanks for the invite to your journal. I'll be back :)


xxroxymamaxx said...

I love decorating the house for Christmas.  Your "traditions" sound awesome and I bet your house will be glowing with the season.  Thanks for sharing this.  GBU, Shelly

pennietoonz said...

Hi Chris... wow, what a festive looking entry! I saw this in Missy`s journal too... I will probably do it in mine eventually. Your house must be beautiful at Christmas time!!

articwulf58368 said...

I love that this is going around!!! I think I might do this!~Brandie

kdcutie26 said...

I did this one too love...I am so proud of you that you did this...I love Christmas also.  It is my puppy's first Christmas with both Spike and I together, so I am happy about that.  She is such a princess.  I wish that I could see how beautiful your house will be after you are done decorating...I will hope you get that digital camera.
Katie Jane

joycemari81 said...

Well aren't you in the Christmas spirit........ I always enjoy reading your answers. ~j~

disneymomdeb said...

You have to get a digital camera. They are the best. It is hard to give up family traditions after something happens. (divorce, death).  We are all still adjusting too and I hate it.

cyanidesally said...

1. No, we don't have our tree up yet. I think when December rolls around we'll put it up. Unfortunately, I think there's a lot on our plates, and we might not even get around to it this year.

2. I've always loved to use white lights and silver and blue ornaments. Unfortunately again, no one I've been around shares my sentiments, and so we always have an eclectic tree that has crazy stuff on it.

3. The Star Trek ornament. You push a button and Spock talks. It's great.

4. We usually hang five. Yes, two of them are for pets. My parents, me, and my two dogs. But now it will be the boyfriend, me, and the cat.

5. Taking pictures of each other in pajamas while we open presents. They are pictures that soon after get deleted due to the fact that none of us like the way we look.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your comments. It's really nice to hear from someone else on this site. The boyfriend and I are having a little trouble right now (actually, in my opinion it's a big trouble, and he doesn't have an opinion on it yet because he doesn't know about it) and you can feel free to read all about it. It takes up two posts. And I think I might be going crazy. Meh.

lici0uslatin22 said...

I will surely do this questions on my Journal...  sounds like your X-mas is full of Joy,...  Take care Mari..

sherilynjaz said...

I LOVE Christmas too!  I put my lights up in the dark on the 27th because I was determined to get them up!  I only have a 12" tree up right now as my son wants to help pick out and decorate our tree.  Next weekend (10th!!).