Friday, November 25, 2005

We survived another Thanksgiving.  It stopped snowing around noon and the sun came out so off to my brother's we went around 3:00.  It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  Some years were rough.

Megan's turkey came out great; the stuffing was okay.  Gluten-free bread is very thick and heavy.  It was hard to get it dried out.  The next time I make it, it will turn out far better.  But it was still very good, and she enjoyed her meal.  She loved the pies her Grandma made her.

Our only problem were all my brother's animals....four dogs and three cats.  The one cat was sitting on the diningroom table on my plate when I got there...yuck.  I have a cat but it doesn't sit by the food.  The other cats were on the counters while my mother was running around shooing them off.  My sister-in-law was none too happy about it but oh well.

It was so great to see all three of my kids together.  They were having a ball laughing and joking and catching up on all the gossip with each other.  Their aunt said they were making the one cat "anxious" which is why it was on the table.  We just cracked up.

We ate and sat around for a little bit and had a good old time which isn't really permitted in that house but I say again, oh well.  My brother was actually on his good behavior but then again compared to his wife that's not a difficult task...LOL.  My mother just shakes her head at all this.

The deep freeze set in once the snow stopped.  It was 12 degrees when we left our house and 7 on our way home.  It went down to 1 last night....way too cold for my blood.  I had to work this morning.  My car ran for a half an hour, and I still ended up scraping.  The bright light in all of this is that by Monday it will be 65.  Crazy Pa. weather but I'm definitely looking forward to the warmth again.

So, I have to say I was very thankful for Thanksgiving and the chance to have all three musketeers together at once.  That doesn't happen a lot.  Lord, I love those children of mine.  And I got to spend time with my mother, although I would rather do it one on one.

LOL...tonite is date night.  My BF is having his mother and brother over for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.  Megan, Joey and I are going.  I am really looking forward to this.  I just love my BF's mom.

And....finally, Joey got a job at Jiffy Lube.  He starts Tues.  It's not exactly the job he wanted but it's money in the pocket.  We keep counting our blessings.



xxroxymamaxx said...

It really sounds like you had a good time.  I'm so happy for you that you had all your kids together with your family.  I miss being with all my brothers and sisters.  Christmas we will be together finally.  And I just don't think I could get used that cold and snow.  I would love to go and see it though.  GBU, Shelly
P.S.  Congratulations to Joey!

pennietoonz said...

Chris, I`m so happy you had a nice time - whether they liked it or not! lol... The thing with the cats...ugh!! Thats great you and all the kids together. I`m enjoying having my daughter mom makes things difficult sometimes...but that`s another story. Have fun on your date!  :)

pennietoonz said...

PS> your journal looks super!

bignewmanut said...

I hate seeing animals on places were my food is or will soon be, oh and did I tell you I hate seeing animals on the counter were my food is. I'm always told they are so what thats still their A-hole on my plate.ARRRRG!!!!! Gald to see you had a good time though.

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Glad you had a good thanksgiving!
Congrats to Joey on the job....

shayshaydc said...

Just to be able to spend time with family makes it worth all those OTHER inconvienences...glad things went great for you!!!