Friday, November 4, 2005

Well this just about sums up my day today.  I've seen this one before, even had it hung up in my cubicle long ago when I had a far worse job that what I have now but today was FRUSTRATING.....totally.

I'm so far behind and my helper has been off sick all week.  I always complain that he is slow and he frustrates me but honestly he likes to do the drudgery stuff and does help me to stay on top of things.  I hate to play catch up.  It drives me nuts.  And he is leaving soon.  He is taking disability retirement because of severe arthritis so I feel bad.  I feel bad for him and bad for myself because I will never stay afloat after he is gone.  Think I'm getting a very good glimpse at my future at work.

Anyway, my supervisor comes over and asks me to go with her...she wants to show me something...ok...not anything new.  She's always dragging me around to get help with something.  Oh, I should have known something was up.

I was taken to the farthest end of the floor in the file room.  There is a cubicle stuck way in the back.  She says, "This is your new home starting Monday."  I'm just like HUNH?  All my work is brought into the main area.  And what about Greg, my helper?  Well, he's staying in the old spot.  Granted, it's a penthouse of a cubicle but it's stuck in the dredges of hell...the dirty, noisy file room. What about a printer?  I use two different printers actually.  That's an enormous portion of my job.  Hmm...never thought of it but she would ask.   

This is to you.......f%$k how am I supposed to get my work which will still be in my old spot to this new spot?  A cart?  A CART!                               


What in the world is she thinking???????  Well, it's been put on hold because I can't exist with just a computer and a desk.  There are no more printers available right now, so I have a reprieve.  I also have a headache and bought a damn case of

I think I've won the battle but the war is just beginning....

   ROFLMAO...I swear I think I'm going insane...or at least maybe a little loopy....




thisismis72 said...

cute graphix, sorry it hasn't been a good day hope it gets better.

sherilynjaz said...

Sorry you've had a bad day!  Glad you have a reprieve.  I opened a bottle of wine myself earlier so you're not drinking alone!

pennietoonz said...

She obviously did not think this out before proposing it! I know at my old job, we would lose workers for one reason or another and they never got replaced, so the rest of us ended up doing more and more work. Ah well, I guess that`s the way it is most places nowadays. At least it`s Friday!! No fair, you guys are slugging down the alcohol and I can`t have any now that I`m back on meds. <pouting>
Enjoy your weekend.

xxroxymamaxx said...

I think every job expects you to do the work of 3 people and get paid for 1.  Sucks.  Hoping it all works out for the best!  GBU, Shelly