Wednesday, November 9, 2005

ARGGGG!!! this has to get easier, right?  #$#%@   I already cheated so I figured the best thing to do was throw the darned things away.  Better yet, they are now riding away in the garbage truck. 

This isn't the first time I quit.  I actually quit smoking for 16 years and started again in 1991 when we were in a serious car accident and my son was in the trauma unit....geez was I stupid or what?

I was also smoke-free for two days in Aug. when I was in the hospital.  I had chest pains which turned out to be nothing but had a full cardiac work-up because I have high blood pressure.  Now, this is the kicker....they had to quit giving me my medication for my blood pressure as the nicotine cleared my body.  If I don't smoke, my blood pressure is normal.  With the medication and not smoking, it was something like 80/50 which wasn't healthy...LOL.  But I was a total bitch...  I tried to escape so many times but darned if there wasn't someone watching me 24/7.  I would have smoked in the bathroom but they put me in a room with a lady with oxygen.  So, what did I do when I was let loose....smoked a cigarette.  Sheesh......stupid again.

Now the fun starts....I have to break it to my son that there will be no smoking in the house.  He has been trying to quit smoking anyway.

My conclusion is the easiest way to stop smoking is not to start smoking to begin with.

I think I'll take that 4 bucks a day (Pa. price for cigarettes) and put it in a jar.  4 X 365 days.....dayum....that's some serious cash..........

No doubt about it........sorry guys but I have the feeling my journal is going to be x-rated as the days go on.........

 yikes...did I really do this.....I may have to edit it....LOL...but bear with me please because they're coming to take me away...HA HA............

your pal.....christine (think I'll use that as my alter ego until I become sane again)



lici0uslatin22 said...

No cheating lol.....  Hey and the 2 days in the Hospital dint count...  2 days is nothing we wanna see a week...  Months, Years, Centuries,...  Lol.

Break it to Your Son and let him know that NO more CIGS in the House!!!

Take care Mari

krspkrmmom said...

When I was pregnant with Home Fry, I tried to quit cold turkey...and his heartbeat dropped enough for the docs to try and induce me (2 weeks early)!  I started up again, and there went his heartbeat back to normal.  Go figure.  I don't smoke in my house either...but it doesn't stop me--just makes me freeze my a** off in the winter (I'm a little further north of you).  And I get my smokes for less than $3/pack.  Woohoo!  Cheap sanity!

Annie =)

buggieboo1 said...

I wish you luck with qutting smoking!
Keep us posted! I am sure you will! :)


bignewmanut said...

When I quit smoking I bought a mountian bike with the money I saved, then crashed on it and seperated my shoulder and spent twice that on the hospital bill. Oh well!

pennietoonz said...

My mom smoked most of her life and when she had a heart attack...she quit. I never thought she would. That lasted about a year, then when I was diagnosed with leukemia, she was so stressed that she started again. BE STRONG! You can do it.

sherilynjaz said...

Luckily I never smoked myself but I watched my dad, ex-husband and brother quit!!  Write away about whatever you need to as long as you can meet your goals!  We can take it.