Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tidbits About Me (25 maybe)

I've seen this in Katie and Penny's journal and decided to give it a shot.

100.  I once was tipsy when I was around 19 and pee'd in the woods (did that quite a bit).  I fell and it just so happened I fell in a patch of poison ivy....well I ended up with a severe case of poison ivy in my privates.  Try and explain that one to Mom since I had to go to the doctor's for treatment.

99.  My mother is 86; my dad would be 88.  Both were college graduates.  My mother was a wealthy wasp; my dad had a full academic scholarship to Carnegie Tech (now Carnegie Mellon) and was a Czech immigrant's son.

98.  My whole family are diehard Republicans, except for me.

97.  I would have loved to be a nurse.  I just didn't realize it until I had three young babies and an alocholic husband.

96.  I married my ex on the rebound...surprised????

95.  I sometimes like to drink a stout beer when I get up in the morning on my days off.  NO...I'm not even close to being an alcoholic...I just love dark beer.

94.  Most of my closest friend nowadays are my cyber friends.

93.  I collect angels...I believe in angels.

92.  I am not a born again Christian.  I have always been a Christian. I think I have God shaking his head sometimes.  He always manages to reel me in to let me know I can't do it on my own.

91.  I've always loved R&B.  Now, I'm into hip hop.  I can't understand the words and probably wouldn't be so into it if I could...LOL

90.  My kid friends all call me Mama B. I've "adopted" several as my own.  They come to my house to seek refuge from the storms in their lives.  I welcome them with open arms as long as they call their parentsand let them know where they are at.

89.  I am a sinner.  I've committed one sin that I struggle with and pray that God has forgiven me.

88.  I am disorganized.  My house is clean but sometimes cluttered.  I hate this.

87.  I turned 52 on Nov. 9.  Wow...sounds old but I feel so young.

86.  I'm still cheating with the smoking thing...but I know I will be smoke-free.

85.  My main goal in life when I was young was to be a mommy...that was career aspirations.

84.  I suffered from severe clinical depression.  I was not the person I am today.  I owe my recovery to my faith in God and the direction I was led to the proper treatment.

83.  When my children were small, I was in a Bible study group.  This was the biggest step to my recovery from depression.

82.  I judge no one.  We all do things we are not proud of.

81.  I had all three of my children naturally.  No, I'm not a martyr...just had easy labors.  Also, I was not smoking when I had them.  I had quit...quit for 16 years.......

80.  My ex was drunk when #2 was born and was kicked out of the labor and delivery room.

79.  I love to cook.

78.  I love to read but don't have time anymore to even attempt to read any books.

77.  My mom is helping me with my mortgage right now since my child support was cut off last year.  I'm ashamed of this but grateful.

76.  I am a computer's a shock.

75.  I'm 5'8" and wear a size 10

Whoo, and that's that....chris

graphic by Anna


pennietoonz said...

I love that you are doing this! ( I`m still wiping the tears from your entry about Joe )  You and I are the same height and shoe size. Boat size? lol  Really makes you stop and think when you write this huh? Yes, I saw Jeff`s also. You may not be a Republican but I love ya anyhow!!!  tee hee    :)

kdcutie26 said...

I am SOOOOOOOOOO happy that you are joining in Chris...thank you...
Katie Jane

xxroxymamaxx said...

I believe in Angels too and you are an angel for caring for the children the way you do.  I'm sending you something to read....short and sweet!  GBU, Shelly

articwulf58368 said...

Thanks for visiting my journal. I really like yours. Seems that alot of the things I am going through, you have been through. I am going to book mark this journal and continue to read it! Brandie

joycemari81 said...

ok so i'm lost here..i want to play what do i is making me not think straight..omg I need a drink ~j~

bignewmanut said...

I was laughing so hard after 100 it was a struggle to read the rest. I have a multitude of sins I have to pray for so don't feel bad.