Thursday, November 3, 2005

Jump Start

Thought I'd get a jump start on Thanksgiving since it's 3 weeks away.  A change of pace in pics for me.  I like the old Victorian stuff, too.  My tastes seem to keep changing starting from contemporary to country and now I would have to call it quirky/eclectic.

When I bought this house 6 years ago, I got into antiques.  Couldn't afford them but came across some really nice things.  It fits the style of my house anyway since it's 90 years old with all the old woodwork and hardwood floors.  I still like some retro 50's stuff, though, so I just go with the flow.  But, I've dumped most of my roosters and chickens and countryish stuff...oh, except for this goofy wooden cow that stands in the corner of my kitchen.  Now, he is cute.....LOL

My oldest daughter just sent me some pics of her newest retro pieces...gotta love them....actually, I want them.  She's got a bunch of old Coca Cola tin signs, this really neat clock, an actual radio flyer old red wagon....and the coolest old Coca Cola wooden wagon.  Actually, those really aren't retro but her 50's radio and car hop clock and an actual pay phone are just way too cool.......  And, I forgot, she has an actual old Coca Cola soda machine.

Anyway, I got to come home early today.  Our system totally crashed before noon....too many applications running on Windows 2000.  The "patch" they installed over the weekend still couldn't support, I got some much needed rest.  I bit the bullet and downed some Alke Seltzer Plus <GAG> I mean literally gagging.  How can anybody drink that stuff?  No matter what flavor I get, it gags the hell out of me.  But it works.

I slept for a few hours and feel so much better.  Ya know the weekend is coming and I love to kick up my heels....

So, I'm going to get my butt to bed. 



                Later...have a good night all........chris


pennietoonz said...

Hi Chris...loved the pictures. When you said the computers at work crashed it reminded me of a cartoon I saw. The lady is sitting at her desk talking on the phone saying, "Our computers are down and we have to do everything manually." Then you see all the workers sitting at their desks playing solitaire with a real deck of cards. lol  too cute.

helloimkara said...

EEKKK! I didnt even think that Thanksgiving is seriously only three weeks away!  Amazing...  My taste is home decor seems to change every year!  I do compete circles! But it sounds like you have some wonderfull pieces :)


lici0uslatin22 said...

OOOof so getting ready for the Holiday...  what about the early shopping Errr I leave everything for the last minute... hope u feel better after that Alka seltzer.. Take care Mari...