Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Killer Cat

Yesterday, I picked Megan up at school and brought her home for Thanksgiving break.  She won a goldfish at our local fair two years ago, Goldie, isn't that an original name?  She had won a goldfish at the previous year's fair that died within a week.  Her main goal in life when she got this one was to have it survive a month or so....Goldie is still going strong almost two years later.

Well, Goldie is becoming a royal pain in the butt.  Goldie has to be taken to school, brought home on breaks, water splashes out of the bowl during transportation.  Goldie is getting on Megan's nerves.  And Goldie is becoming subhuman and surviving all odds...almost.

Mocha, Megan's cat, has always been extremely timid and afraid of her own shadow.  That is, until she killed the mouse a month ago.  She is definitely changing.  Mocha never batted an eye at Goldie.  Goldie lived on top of Megan's tv.  Mocha would also lay up there and the fish was just part of the environment.

Well.....yesterday, we were carrying in so many things and Goldie got left on the snack bar.  That is the only counter the cat is allowed on because we put no food over there.  She rarely goes on it anyway.  Megan went to work.  I went to sleep becoz I had worked all day.  My BF called around 8:00 to see if I wanted to go out.  Need he ask?  I went through the kitchen and there sat Mocha fishing in the fishbowl trying to snag Goldie.  It looked like something right out of a picture.

I was thinking, dayum, what turned this cat into a killer?  It started right after I used Frontline Flea and Tick stuff on her.  I had to use it on the dog because he had bitten a big patch of fur out of his butt area.  Didn't want nasty ticks or fleas in the house.  The vet said to treat the cat.  Maybe it's a coincidence but I don't know.  Mocha is definitely not the old Mocha she used to be.

Goldie has survived once again.  Megan has it on a high shelf in her room that Mocha can't get to and also has a renewed zest to continueto keep Goldie alive and thriving.  I guess it took an outside attack to put everything back in the proper perspective.

Have a great's in the 50's and sunny in Pa., but not for long.......chris

graphic by Anna





bignewmanut said...

Too funny, a little tase of meat and she's ready for more. I got my wife a Beta fish for sweatest day, I think five or six  years ago and it died on sweatest day this year.

thisismis72 said...

Go Goldie

pennietoonz said...

lol Chris, such a great story. Tooo cute. You know what I thought was really funny though? That you put no food on the snack   Enjoy Megan while she`s around. I get my daughter on Wed.

xxroxymamaxx said...

Wow, that is a long time for a carnival goldfish...those fish rarely make it through the night. lol  We did lose one of those sucky fish one time, just dissappeared one day.  I never thought that the cats would actually get to it.  Who knows, maybe thats what happened.  Glad your daughter is home with you for the holidays.  I'm so not looking forward to my girls going away to college.  sigh!  GBU, Shelly

sherilynjaz said...

A two year old goldfish.   WOW!  I wonder what their life expectancy is?  Like you, I've never had one last longer than a month or so.  Sounds like Mocha is coming in to her own!