Saturday, November 19, 2005

Equal time for men (I don't want Jeff to feel outnumbered here).  Actually, if I really want to admit it, I think I fit into a few of these categories....LOL


The Real Rules of Women
as recorded by a man

-Women are rarely right the first time, but they excel at changing their minds.

-They are often quite opinionated, but they don't have a clue why.

-They seem to think that going to the bathroom is a social event, not a bodily function.

-Women spend more time doing useless things like fixing their hair than really important things like fixing dinner.

-Their attention spans can't handle talking about a single subject for more than 30 seconds.

-Women think the speed limit is a government-approved suggestion and that those double yellow lines are merely for decorating the road.

-They couldn't tell the difference between a sawsall and a fuel pump to save their lives.

-Women throw objects like baseballs just as well as men.  Arthritic quadriplegic men that is.

-The difference between a woman and an umbrella is that one of them shuts up.

-They cry when they are sad, angry, upset, happy, frustrated, or whenever else an opportunity is presented.

-They think the death of a pet hamster is one of the most traumatic events of their childhood.

-If you don't notice their new haircut, sweater, socks, nail polish, ect., you might as well kiss friendship goodbye.

-For women, chronic gullibility is not a disease, it is a way of life.

-They root for the football team with the prettiest uniforms.

-They ask questions that have absolutely no right answer.  "Do you think I'm gaining weight?"

-Among the things they think essential to sustain life, they list shopping malls


shayshaydc said...

I like the other one better!!! lol.........

pennietoonz said...

Excuse me...we do NOT cheer for the teams with the prettiest uniforms... It`s who has the best BUTTS in those uniforms...duh!  :)

bignewmanut said...

Do you here that..... its a standing ovation from Michigan.... thanks for always including me!

joycemari81 said...

Some of these things crack me up.......but I can't agree with all those facts.......or maybe I'm not normal......Oh Well I enjoyed the laugh......~j~

sherilynjaz said...

I resemble a few, but only a few of these remarks.  I agree with Penny about the butts instead of the prettiest uniforms.