Sunday, November 13, 2005

More Tidbits

I think it's time to add a few more tidbits about me.  LOL...I forget which number I left off at so I may have to edit....

74.  My favorite color at the moment is sage green.

73.  Red Lobster is my favorite restaurant, love lobster, but really any restaurant will do.  I love to eat out.

72.  I hate liver. Never could even swallow it.  I don't think there is anything else I can't even try to eat.

71.  I put up three Christmas trees each angel themed tree on my sunporch; snowmen in my livingroom, not just on the tree but all over the livingroom; and a 12 ft monster live tree in the family room with all the cute Hallmark and Hello Kitty, etc. ornaments that my kids love.

70.  I also have a mini Noah's Ark collection and a cow collection in the kitchen.

69.  I don't know how many couches I've bought since I've been married and divorced.  I do know I've had three different ones in six years since I've been in this house.  My tastes are always changing.

68.  I'm terrified of mice...are ya surprised by that one?  And also thunder and lightening.

67.  I don't own a digital camera.  I just recently got a flip phone, sans a camera in it.

66.  Let's see how awake Jeff is....I went into menopause two years ago...LOL

65.  I have one tattoo...a rose... on my left boob.  I got it right after my separation when my oldest was getting her naval pierced....a hint to my SN......

64.  I only have two in each ear; although, I had several (like at least six in each ear) right after my divorce.  I've since let them grow shut.

63.  Two favorite movies:  The Devil's Advoate with Al Pacino and Keaneu Reeves, it totally fascinates me; Shawshank Redemption; and, I lied, there are three, a very old one, Breakfast at Tiffanny's with Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard.  I swear I was just a little kid when I saw this one but I still catch it on the old movie channels and cry like a baby.

62.  Favorite actor:  George Clooney only because he is just so darned good to look at.  All right, I have to say he looks just like younger pictures of my dad.  Man, my dad was handsome.

61.  Favorite song:  Do I have to pick one?  BB King, The Thrill is the blues.  Marvin Gaye, What's Goin On?  and....Outkast, I Love the Way you Move...that's my song to dance to with my BF.

60.  I was once deeply in credit card debt, very deep, and cut most of my cards up.

59.  I love the heat and hate the cold.  I could very easily live in Fla.  I also hate snow.

58.  I cannot waterski.  I've tried but cannot get up on the skiis so I finally gave up.

57.  I have no idea what my natural color of hair is anymore; probably totally gray.  I get it foiled with all different chunks of color and a spiky little flippy do style.

56.  I wanted to name my Rebecca a different name....Jill.  Thank God I didn't because she doesn't look like a Jill to me.

55.  I intially wanted to name Megan...Brooke and the middle name Lynn after my sister-in-law but then she would be Brooklyn.  She is so mad that I didn't name her this because this is what she wants to name her girl when she has one.

I'm stopping for now because I have broccoli beef stir fry on the stove and it's calling me (Thanks, Kara)...........

graphic by angel


joycemari81 said...

I love this.....tell me what to I just write anything down ~j~

kdcutie26 said...

I really love green too chris, and red lobster...mmm to die for.  I love shrimp scampi, how about you?  I also am terrified of rodents...eew, where is the nearest chair.
Katie Jane

pennietoonz said...

I love green too ( next to my fave blue )...and Hello Kitty. Gee, I hope #65 didn`t make Jeff blush! lol    Love your graphics.

lici0uslatin22 said...

lol... Red Lobster is also my Favorite Rest...  Tatoos Hmm dont have any, but I have Piercings...  Monroe....  ..

Cool ... Take care Mari

bignewmanut said...

Whats Menopause....when you take a break from dating men for a while...hahahaha. I think my wifes getting close to hers, and it'll take alot more than this to make me

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Hiya...I am new to your journal and I am really enjoying it =)
Your last 2 entries have been great...learning lots of things about you..
I can sooooo relate to # 60....i will be in debt till the day i die
If you would like to check my journal out somtimes i've included my link...
I am putting you on alerts, so i will definately be back..have a great week!